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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Designing fatigue-resistant engineered cementitious compositesQiu, Jishen
2018Fiber-reinforced reactive magnesia-based tensile strain-hardening compositesRuan, Shaoqin; Qiu, Jishen; Yang, En-Hua; Unluer, Cise
2016High ductile behavior of a polyethylene fiber-reinforced one-part geopolymer composite: A micromechanics-based investigationNematollahi, Behzad; Sanjayan, Jay; Qiu, Jishen; Yang, En-Hua
 2018Viability of bacterial spores and crack healing in bacteria-containing geopolymerJadhav, Umesh U.; Lahoti, Mukund; Chen, Zhitao; Qiu, Jishen; Cao, Bin; Yang, En-Hua