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 2009Complex agent networks explaining the HIV epidemic among homosexual men in AmsterdamMei, Shan.; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Quax, Rick.; Zhu, Yifan.; Wang, Weiping.
2011Increasing risk behaviour can outweigh the benefits of antiretroviral drug treatment on the HIV incidence among men-having-sex-with-men in AmsterdamMei, Shan.; Quax, Rick.; van de Vijver, David A. M. C.; Zhu, Yifan.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
 2012Information processing as a paradigm to model and simulate complex systemsSloot, Peter M. A.; Quax, Rick.
 2011SEECN : simulating complex systems using dynamic complex networksQuax, Rick.; Bader, David A.; Sloot, Peter M. A.