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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Comparative study of non-standard power diodesTan, Cher Ming; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Sun, Lina; Hsu, Chuck; Wang, Chase
 2012Dielectric breakdown - recovery in logic and resistive switching in memory : bridging the gap between the two phenomenaPey, Kin Leong; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Wu, Xing; Liu, Wenhu; Bosman, Michel
2020Exploring the impact of variability in resistance distributions of RRAM on the prediction accuracy of deep learning neural networksPrabhu, Nagaraj Lakshmana; Loy, Desmond Jia Jun; Dananjaya, Putu Andhita; Lew, Wen Siang; Toh, Eng Huat; Raghavan, Nagarajan
 2007A framework to practical predictive maintenance modeling for multi-state systemsTan, Cher Ming; Raghavan, Nagarajan
2010Imperfect predictive maintenance model for multi-state systems with multiple failure modes and element failure dependencyTan, Cher Ming; Raghavan, Nagarajan
2013Intrinsic nanofilamentation in resistive switchingMigas, Dmitri B.; Borisenko, Victor E.; Wu, Xing; Cha, Dongkyu; Bosman, Michel; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Zhang, Xi Xiang; Li, Kun; Pey, Kin Leong
 2012Nanoscale physical analysis of localized breakdown events in HfO2/SiOX dielectric stacks : a correlation study of STM induced BD with C-AFM and TEMShubhakar, K.; Pey, Kin Leong; Bosman, Michel; Thamankar, R.; Kushvaha, S. S.; Loke, Y. C.; Wang, Z. R.; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Wu, X.; O'Shea, S. J.
 2012Percolative model and thermodynamic analysis of oxygen-ion-mediated resistive switchingRaghavan, Nagarajan; Pey, Kin Leong; Wu, Xing; Liu, Wenhu; Bosman, Michel
2018A rapid design exploration framework under additive manufacturing process uncertaintyXiong, Yi; Duong, Pham Luu Trung; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Rosen, David W
2013Resilience of ultra-thin oxynitride films to percolative wear-out and reliability implications for high-κ stacks at low voltage stressRaghavan, Nagarajan; Padovani, Andrea; Li, Xiang; Bosman, Michel; Wu, Xing; Lip Lo, Vui; Larcher, Luca; Leong Pey, Kin
 2012Role of grain boundary percolative defects and localized trap generation on the reliability statistics of high-κ gate dielectric stacksRaghavan, Nagarajan; Pey, Kin Leong; Shubhakar, K.; Wu, X.; Liu, W. H.; Bosman, Michel
2008Statistical modeling of via redundancy effects on interconnect reliabilityTan, Cher Ming; Raghavan, Nagarajan
2012Triggering voltage for post-breakdown random telegraph noise in HfLaO dielectric metal gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors and its reliability implicationsLiu, W. H.; Pey, Kin Leong; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Wu, X.; Bosman, Michel