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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Rainfall-induced slope failuresRahardjo, Harianto
2000Rainfall-induced slope failuresRahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon; Deutscher, Michael S.; Gasmo, Jason M.; Tang, Sek Kwan
2003Rainfall-induced slope failures : controlling factors and mitigation with capillary barriersOng, Tiam Hwa.
 2001Relationship between porosimetry measurement and soil-water characteristic curve for an unsaturated residual soilRahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon; Aung, K. K.; Toll, David G.
 2006Reply to the discussion by A.C. Londono on "Response of a residual soil slope to rainfall"Rahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon; Lee, T. T.; Rezaur, R. B.
 2012Reply to the discussion by Bellia et al. on “determination of soil–water characteristic curve variables”Zhai, Qian; Rahardjo, Harianto
 2005Response of a residual soil slope to rainfallRahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon; Lee, T. T.; Rezaur, R. B.
 2010Response parameters for characterization of infiltrationRahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon; Ong, T. H.; Rezaur, R. B.; Fredlund, Delwyn G.
 1997Review of soil-water characteristic curve equationsRahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon
 2008Role of real time-monitoring in slope stabilityRahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Leong, Eng Choon
2018Role of the pore-size distribution function on water flow in unsaturated soilZhai, Qian; Rahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Priono; Dai, Guo-liang
2019Role of unsaturated soil mechanics in geotechnical engineeringRahardjo, Harianto; Kim, Yongmin; Satyanaga, Alfrendo
2017Saturated and unsaturated stability analysis of slope subjected to rainfall infiltrationNurly Gofar; Rahardjo, Harianto
1999Shear strength and permeability characteristics of residual soilsU Kar Winn
 2006Shear strength and pore-water pressure characteristics during constant water content triaxial testsTrinh Minh Thu; Rahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon
1999Shear strength and volume change of unsaturated residual soilOng, Boo Heng.
2004Shear strength characteristics of a compacted kaolin under infiltration conditionsInge Meilani.
 2010Shear strength equations for unsaturated soil under drying and wettingGoh, Shin Guan; Rahardjo, Harianto; Leong, Eng Choon
 2004Shear strength of a compacted residual soil from consolidated drained and constant water content triaxial testsLeong, Eng Choon; Rahardjo, Harianto; Ong, Boo Heng
1998Shear strength of a compacted residual soil from unsaturated direct shear testsMelinda, Fifi.