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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012High aspect ratio electrospun CuO nanofibers as anode material for lithium-ion batteries with superior cycleabilitySahay, Rahul; Kumar, Palaniswamy Suresh; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Sundaramurthy, Jayaraman; Wong, Chui Ling; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2012High performance lithium-ion cells using one dimensional electrospun TiO2 nanofibers with spinel cathodeKumar, Palaniswamy Suresh; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Sundaramurthy, Jayaraman; Thavasi, V.; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2012Highly anisotropic titanates from electrospun TiO2–SiO2 composite nanofibers and rice grain-shaped nanostructuresSreekumaran Nair, A.; Zhu, Peining; Jagadeesh Babu, Veluru.; Yang, Shengyuan; Peng, Shengjie; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2018Highly oriented electrospun P(VDF-TrFE) fibers via mechanical stretching for wearable motion sensingMa, Shaoyang; Ye, Tao; Zhang, Ting; Wang, Zhe; Li, Kaiwei; Chen, Ming; Zhang, Jing; Wang, Zhixun; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Wei, Lei
2018Hollow rice grain-shaped TiO2 nanostructures for high-efficiency and large-area perovskite solar cellsMa, Shaoyang; Ye, Tao; Wu, Tingting; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Vijila, Chellappan; Wei, Lei
 2012In situ synthesis of platinum/polyaniline composite counter electrodes for flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsPeng, Shengjie; Liang, Jing; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2016Insight into membrane selectivity of linear and branched polyethylenimines and their potential as biocides for advanced wound dressingsFox, Stephen John; Fazil, Mobashar Hussain Urf Turabe; Dhand, Chetna; Venkatesh, Mayandi; Goh, Eunice Tze Leng; Harini, Sriram; Eugene, Christo; Lim, Rayne Rui; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Chaurasia, Shyam Sunder; Beuerman, Roger W.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Verma, Navin Kumar; Loh, Xian Jun; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani
 2016Minocycline hydrochloride entrapped biomimetic nanofibrous substitutes for adipose derived stem cells differentiation into osteogenesisJayaraman, Praveena; Gandhimathi, Chinnasamy; Venugopal, Jayarama Reddy; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Srinivasan, Dinesh Kumar
2016Minocycline loaded hybrid composites nanoparticles for mesenchymal stem cells differentiation into osteogenesisGandhimathi, Chinnasamy; Praveena, Jayaraman; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Tham, Allister Yingwei; Venugopal, Jayarama Reddy; Kumar, Srinivasan Dinesh
 2013MS2 (M = Co and Ni) hollow spheres with tunable Interiors for high-performance supercapacitors and photovoltaicsSrinivasan, Madhavi; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Yan, Qingyu; Peng, Shengjie; Li, Linlin; Tan, Huiteng; Cai, Ren; Shi, Wenhui; Li, Chengchao; Mhaisalkar, Subodh G.
 2012Nano LiMn2O4 with spherical morphology synthesized by a molten salt method as cathodes for lithium ion batteriesZhao, Xuan; Reddy, M. V.; Liu, Hanxing; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Rao, G. V. Subba; Chowdari, Bobba V. R.
2020Open-cell P(VDF-TrFE)/MWCNT nanocomposite foams with local piezoelectric and conductive effects for passive airborne sound absorptionAyman Mahmoud Mohamed; Yao, Kui; Yasmin Mohamed Yousry; Wang, Junling; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2018Open-cell poly(vinylidene fluoride) foams with polar phase for enhanced airborne sound absorptionAyman Mahmoud Mohamed; Yao, Kui; Yasmin Mohamed Yousry; Chen, Shuting; Wang, Junling; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2019Osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells with silica-coated gold nanoparticles for bone tissue engineeringGandhimathi, Chinnasamy; Quek, Ying Jie; Ezhilarasu, Hariharan; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Bay, Boon-Huat; Srinivasan, Dinesh Kumar
2010Photosensitive materials and potential of photocurrent mediated tissue regenerationJin, Guorui; Prabhakaran, Molamma P.; Liao, Susan; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2019Poly-ε-caprolactone/gelatin hybrid electrospun composite nanofibrous mats containing ultrasound assisted herbal extract : antimicrobial and cell proliferation studyRamalingam, Raghavendra; Dhand, Chetna; Ezhilarasu, Hariharan; Prasannan, Praseetha; Subramanian, Sundarapandian; Leung, Chak Ming; Ong, Seow Theng; Mohammed Kamruddin; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Verma, Navin Kumar; Arunachalam, Kantha Deivi
 2012Polypyrrole nanorod networks/carbon nanoparticles composite counter electrodes for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cellsPeng, Shengjie; Tian, Lingling; Liang, Jing; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ramakrishna, Seeram
 2012Rice grain-shaped TiO2–CNT composite—a functional material with a novel morphology for dye-sensitized solar cellsZhu, Peining; Nair, A. Sreekumaran; Yang, Shengyuan; Peng, Shengjie; Elumalai, Naveen Kumar; Ramakrishna, Seeram
 2011The Role of Nanofibrous Structure in Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Serial PassageNguyen, Luong Thi Hien; Liao, Susan; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Chan, Casey K.
 2012Self-supporting three-dimensional ZnIn2S4/PVDF–poly(MMA-co-MAA) composite mats with hierarchical nanostructures for high photocatalytic activityPeng, Shengjie; Zhu, Peining; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ramakrishna, Seeram