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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Need for reset : Modi's cross-border connectivity policyRana, Pradumna B.
2019Osaka G20 Summit : Mixed OutcomeJi, Xianbai; Rana, Pradumna B.
2010Reform of the international financial architecture : how can Asia have a greater impact in the G20?Rana, Pradumna B.
2013Reforming the global financial architecture : is the world a safer place?Rana, Pradumna B.
2014The revival of the silk roads (lands connectivity) in AsiaRana, Pradumna B.; Chia, Wai-Mun
2020Reviving stalled BRI : China’s two-stage approachRana, Pradumna B.; Ji, Xianbai
2018Rising Protectionism in US: Asia-Pacific’s ResponseRana, Pradumna B.; Ji, Xianbai
2010Seoul G20 Summit : will it adopt Singapore’s 3G ideas?Rana, Pradumna B.
2011Should the BRICs bail out Europe?Rana, Pradumna B.
2013Strengthening economic linkages between South Asia and East Asia : the case for a second round of "look east" policiesRana, Pradumna B.; Chia, Wai-Mun
2012Towards a region-wide FTA in Asia : whither the trilateral FTA?Rana, Pradumna B.
2020Trade multilateralism : alive and well despite TrumpRana, Pradumna B.
2018Trade Policy Options for ASEAN Countries and Their Regional Dialogue Partners: “Preference Ordering” Using CGE AnalysisChia, Wai-Mun; Ji, Xianbai; Rana, Pradumna B.; Li, Chang Tai
2015US-led vs China-led institutions : need for new Bretton woodsRana, Pradumna B.
2014With the US and China locking each other out of the economics architecture that they have helped to design, the case for a New Bretton Woods has strengthenedRana, Pradumna B.