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 2012Derivative-constrained frequency-domain wideband DOA estimationReddy, Vinod Veera; Ng, B. P.; Khong, Andy Wai Hoong
 2011DOA estimation of wideband sources without estimating the number of sourcesReddy, Vinod Veera; Ng, B. P.; Zhang, Ying; Khong, Andy Wai Hoong
2011Extending the concept of IIR filtering to array processing using approximate spatial IIR structureWen, Fuxi; Ng, Boon Poh; Reddy, Vinod Veera
2014A GMM post-filter for residual crosstalk suppression in blind source separationKhong, Andy Wai Hoong; Liu, Benxu; Reju, Vaninirappuputhenpurayil Gopalan; Reddy, Vinod Veera