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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Environmental cues and genes involved in establishment of the superinfective Pf4 phage of pseudomonas aeruginosaHui, Janice G. K.; Mai-Prochnow, Anne; Kjelleberg, Staffan; McDougald, Diane; Rice, Scott A.
2021Evolution of biofilm-forming pathogenic bacteria in the presence of nanoparticles and antibiotic: adaptation phenomena and cross-resistanceMann, Riti; Holmes, Amy; McNeilly, Oliver; Cavaliere, Rosalia; Sotiriou, Georgios A.; Rice, Scott A.; Gunawan, Cindy
2018Full-genome sequence of Thalassotalea euphylliae H1, isolated from a Montipora capitata coral located in Hawai’iSummers, Stephen; Freckelton, Marnie L.; Nedved, Brian T.; Rice, Scott A.; Hadfield, Michael G.
2021Functional metagenomic analysis of quorum sensing signaling in a nitrifying communityTan, Chuan Hao; Yeo, Yee Phan; Muhammad Hafiz Ismail; Ng, Noele Kai Jing; Subramoni, Sujatha; Taj, Shireen; Tay, Martin; Chao, Xie; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Rice, Scott A.
2012Glucose starvation-induced dispersal of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms is cAMP and energy dependentRice, Scott A.; Huynh, Tran T.; McDougald, Diane; Klebensberger, Janosch; Qarni, Budoor Al; Barraud, Nicolas; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Schleheck, David
 2021Graphene oxide mimics biological signaling cue to rescue starving bacteriaJackman, Joshua A.; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Mokrzecka, Natalia; Kohli, Gurjeet Singh; Valle-González, Elba R.; Zhu, Xinyi; Pumera, Martin; Rice, Scott A.; Cho, Nam-Joon
2020Green biolubricant infused slippery surfaces to combat marine biofoulingBasu, Snehasish; Hanh, Bui My; Chua, Isaiah Jia Qing; Daniel, Dan; Muhammad Hafiz Ismail; Marchioro, Manon; Amini, Shahrouz; Rice, Scott A.; Miserez, Ali
2019High bacterial diversity in near-shore and oceanic biofilms and their influence on larval settlement by Hydroides elegans (Polychaeta)Lema, Kimberley A.; Constancias, Florentin; Rice, Scott A.; Hadfield, Michael G.
2013Identification of five structurally unrelated quorum-sensing inhibitors of pseudomonas aeruginosa from a natural-derivative databaseTan, Sean Yang-Yi; Chua, Song-Lin; Chen, Yicai; Rice, Scott A.; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael
 2012Immobilization of antibacterial dihydropyrrol-2-ones on functional polymer supports to prevent bacterial infections in vivoRice, Scott A.; Kumar, Naresh; Ho, Kitty Ka Kit; Cole, Nerida; Chen, Renxun; Willcox, Mark D. P.
 2012The impact of flux and spacers on biofilm development on reverse osmosis membranesRice, Scott A.; Suwarno, S. R.; Chen, X.; Chong, T. H.; Puspitasari, V. L.; McDougald, D.; Cohen, Y.; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2015In Situ Mapping of the Mechanical Properties of Biofilms by Particle-tracking MicrorheologyChew, Su Chuen; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Yang, Liang; Rice, Scott A.
2020Influence of high intensity focused ultrasound on the microstructure and c-di-GMP signaling of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsBharatula, Lakshmi Deepika; Marsili, Enrico; Rice, Scott A.; Kwan, James J.
2020Influence of interspecies interactions on the spatial organization of dual species bacterial communitiesBooth, Sean C.; Rice, Scott A.
2022Inhibition of the quorum sensing system, elastase production and biofilm formation in pseudomonas aeruginosa by psammaplin A and bisaprasinOluwabusola, Emmanuel T.; Katermeran, Nursheena Parveen; Poh, Wee Han; Goh, Ben Teo Min; Tan, Lik Tong; Diyaolu, Oluwatofunmilayo; Tabudravu, Jioji; Ebel, Rainer; Rice, Scott A.; Jaspars, Marcel
 2022inPhocus: current state and challenges of phage research in SingaporeVerma, Navin Kumar; Tan, Si Jia; Chen, John; Chen, Hanrong; Muhammad Hafiz Ismail; Rice, Scott A.; Bifani, Pablo; Hariharan, , Sukumar; Paul, , Vivek Daniel; Sriram, Bharathi; Dam, Linh Chi; Chan, Chia Ching; Ho, Peiying; Goh, Boon Chong; Chung, Jasmine Shimin; Goh, Kenneth Choon Meng; Thong, Shu Hua; Kwa, Andrea Lay-Hoon; Ostrowski, Adam; Aung, Thet Tun; Halimah Razali; Low, Shermaine W. Y.; Bhattacharyya, Mani Shankar; Gautam, Hemant K.; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Sicheritz-Pontén, Thomas; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Moreira, Wilfried; van Steensel, Maurice Adrianus Monique
2018Insights into Biofilm Dispersal Regulation from the Crystal Structure of the PAS-GGDEF-EAL Region of RbdA from Pseudomonas aeruginosaLiu, Chong; Liew, Chong Wai; Wong, Yee Hwa; Tan, Siok Thing; Poh, Wee Han; Manimekalai, Malathy S. S.; Rajan, Sreekanth; Xin, Lingyi; Liang, Zhao-Xun; Grüber, Gerhard; Rice, Scott A.; Lescar, Julien
 2017Interactions between microbial community membersRice, Scott A.
2021Interactions of plasma-activated water with biofilms : inactivation, dispersal effects and mechanisms of actionMai-Prochnow, Anne; Zhou, Renwu; Zhang, Tianqi; Ostrikov, Kostya Ken; Mugunthan, Sudarsan; Rice, Scott A.; Cullen, Patrick J.
2016Investigation of the microbial communities colonizing prepainted steel used for roofing and wallingHuynh, Tran T.; Jamil, Ili; Pianegonda, Nicole A.; Blanksby, Stephen J.; Barker, Philip J.; Manefield, Mike; Rice, Scott A.