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2016Actin-Induced Structure in the Beta-Thymosin Family of Intrinsically Disordered ProteinsXue, B.; Robinson, Robert Charles
 2014Soluble expression and partial purification of recombinant human erythropoietin from E. coliJeong, Taeck-Hyun; Son, Young-Jin; Ryu, Han-Bong; Koo, Bon-Kyung; Jeong, Seung-Mi; Hoang, Phuong; Do, Bich Hang; Song, Jung-A; Chong, Seon-Ha; Robinson, Robert Charles; Choe, Han
 2013Structural analysis and insights into the glycon specificity of the rice GH1 Os7BGlu26 β-D-mannosidaseRobinson, Robert Charles; Tankrathok, Anupong; Iglesias-Fernández, Javier; Luang, Sukanya; Kimura, Atsuo; Rovira, Carme; Hrmova, Maria; Ketudat Cairns, James R.
2016Structural complexity of filaments formed from the actin and tubulin foldsJiang, Shimin; Ghoshdastider, Umesh; Narita, Akihiro; Popp, David; Robinson, Robert Charles