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2013Dictionary training for sparse representation as generalization of K-means clusteringSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2015Enhancing image denoising by controlling noise incursion in learned dictionariesAnamitra Makur (EEE); Sahoo, Sujit Kumar
2017Enhancing security of incoherent optical cryptosystem by a simple position-multiplexing technique and ultra-broadband illuminationSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Tang, Dongliang; Dang, Cuong
2019Fast 3D movement of a laser focusing spot behind scattering media by utilizing optical memory effect and optical conjugate planesTran, Vinh; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Dang, Cuong
2017Greedy Pursuits Assisted Basis Pursuit for reconstruction of joint-sparse signalsNarayanan, Sathiya; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2018Greedy pursuits based gradual weighting strategy for weighted ℓ1-minimizationNarayanan, Sathiya; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2018Inverse problems with nonnegative and sparse solutions : algorithms and application to the phase retrieval problemMuoi, Pham Quy; Hào, Dinh Nho; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Tang, Dongliang; Cong, Nguyen Huu; Dang, Cuong
2018Multiplexing and de-multiplexing with scattering media for large field of view and multispectral imagingSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Tang, Dongliang; Dang, Cuong
2020Non-invasive optical focusing inside strongly scattering media with linear fluorescenceLi, Dayan; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Lam, Huy Quoc; Wang, Dong; Dang, Cuong
2015Signal recovery from random measurements via extended orthogonal matching pursuitSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
 2018Single-shot large field of view imaging with scattering media by spatial demultiplexingTang, Dongliang; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Tran, Vinh; Dang, Cuong
2016Sparse Sequential Generalization of K-means for dictionary training on noisy signalsSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2018Swiftly moving focus points and forming shapes through the scattering mediaTran, Vinh; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Tang, Dongliang; Dang, Cuong
2019Utilizing optical conjugate plane to enhance 3D focusing and forming shapes behind turbid mediaTran, Vinh; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Dong, Wang; Dang, Cuong