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2022An orthogonal approach for the precise synthesis of phenylpropanoid sucrose estersOng, Li Lin; Wong, Kathy Pooi Wen; Raj, Surhabi Deva; Khong, Duc Thinh; Panda, Parthasarathi; Santoso, Mardi; Judeh, Zaher M. A.
2022Synthesis, α-glucosidase inhibition, α-amylase inhibition, and molecular docking studies of 3,3-di(indolyl)indolin-2-onesSantoso, Mardi; Ong, Li Lin; Aijijiyah, Nur Pasca; Wati, First Ambar; Azminah, Azminah; Annuur, Rose Malina; Fadlan, Arif; Judeh, Zaher M. A.
 2020TMSOTf-promoted intermolecular cascade reaction of aromatic diazo ketones with olefins : selective synthesis of 3-arylethylideneoxindolesTatina, Madhu Babu; Wang, Xinzhu; Santoso, Mardi; Moussa, Ziad; Judeh, Zaher M. A.