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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Identification of antibacterial components in human hair shaftsSubbaiah, Roopa S.; Kerk, Swat Kim; Lian, Yilong; Lunny, Declan; Sze, Siu Kwan; Ng, Kee Woei; Schmidtchen, Artur; Adav, Sunil Shankar
2017Identification of bacterial biofilm and the Staphylococcus aureus derived protease, staphopain, on the skin surface of patients with atopic dermatitisSonesson, Andreas; Przybyszewska, Kornelia; Eriksson, Sigrid; Mörgelin, Matthias; Kjellström, Sven; Davies, Julia; Potempa, Jan; Schmidtchen, Artur
2017Membrane interactions and antimicrobial effects of layered double hydroxide nanoparticlesMalekkhaiat Häffner, S.; Nyström, L.; Nordström, R.; Xu, Z. P.; Davoudi, M.; Malmsten, M.; Schmidtchen, Artur
2016Membrane interactions of mesoporous silica nanoparticles as carriers of antimicrobial peptidesBraun, Katharina; Pochert, Alexander; Lindén, Mika; Davoudi, Mina; Schmidtchen, Artur; Nordström, Randi; Malmsten, Martin
2016Mycosis Fungoides: A Retrospective Study of 44 Swedish CasesEklund, Yvonne; Aronsson, Annika; Schmidtchen, Artur; Relander, Thomas
2014A peptide of heparin cofactor II inhibits endotoxin-mediated shock and invasive pseudomonas aeruginosa infectionKalle, Martina; Papareddy, Praveen; Kasetty, Gopinath; van der Plas, Mariena J. A.; Mörgelin, Matthias; Malmsten, Martin; Schmidtchen, Artur
2016Pronounced peptide selectivity for melanoma through tryptophan end-taggingDuong, Dinh Thuy; Singh, Shalini; Bagheri, Mojtaba; Verma, Navin Kumar; Schmidtchen, Artur; Malmsten, Martin
2017Proteolytic signatures define unique thrombin-derived peptides present in human wound fluid in vivoSaravanan, Rathi; Adav, Sunil Shankar; Choong, Yeu Khai; van der Plas, Mariena J. A.; Petrlova, Jitka; Kjellström, Sven; Sze, Siu Kwan; Schmidtchen, Artur
2016Pseudomonas aeruginosa elastase cleaves a C-terminal peptide from human thrombin that inhibits host inflammatory responsesvan der Plas, Mariena J. A.; Bhongir, Ravi K. V.; Kjellström, Sven; Siller, Helena; Kasetty, Gopinath; Mörgelin, Matthias; Schmidtchen, Artur
2016Role of Aromatic Amino Acids in Lipopolysaccharide and Membrane Interactions of Antimicrobial Peptides for Use in Plant Disease ControlDatta, Aritreyee; Bhattacharyya, Dipita; Singh, Shalini; Ghosh, Anirban; Schmidtchen, Artur; Malmsten, Martin; Bhunia, Anirban
2018Structural basis for endotoxin neutralisation and anti-inflammatory activity of thrombin-derived C-terminal peptidesSaravanan, Rathi; Holdbrook, Daniel A; Petrlova, Jitka; Singh, Shalini; Berglund, Nils A; Choong, Yeu Khai; Kjellström, Sven; Bond, Peter J; Malmsten, Martin; Schmidtchen, Artur
2018Studies on the proteome of human hair - identification of histones and deamidated keratinsKerk, Swat Kim; Lee, Amelia Yilin; Lai, Hui Ying; Ng, Kee Woei; Sze, Siu Kwan; Schmidtchen, Artur; Adav, Sunil Shankar; Subbaiaih, Roopa Shree
2018TFPI-2 protects against gram-negative bacterial infectionAli, Mohamad N.; Kasetty, Gopinath; Elvén, Malin; Alyafei, Saud; Jovic, Sandra; Egesten, Arne; Herwald, Heiko; Schmidtchen, Artur; Papareddy, Praveen
2018Thrombin and plasmin alter the proteome of neutrophil extracellular trapsLim, Chun Hwee; Adav, Sunil Shankar; Sze, Siu Kwan; Choong, Yeu Khai; Saravanan, Rathi; Schmidtchen, Artur
2017Thrombin-derived host defence peptide modulates neutrophil rolling and migration in vitro and functional response in vivoLim, Chun Hwee; Puthia, Manoj; Butrym, Marta; Tay, Hui Min; Lee, Michelle Zi Yi; Hou, Han Wei; Schmidtchen, Artur
 2015The thrombin-derived host defense peptide GKY25 inhibits endotoxin-induced responses through Interactions with lipopolysaccharide and macrophages/monocytesSchmidtchen, Artur; Morgelin, Matthias; Hansen, Finja C.; Kalle-Brune, Martina; van der Plas, Mariena J. A.; Strömdahl, Ann-Charlotte; Malmsten, Martin
2017Thrombin-Derived Host-Defense Peptides Modulate Monocyte/Macrophage Inflammatory Responses to Gram-Negative BacteriaHansen, Finja C.; Strömdahl, Ann-Charlotte; Mörgelin, Matthias; Schmidtchen, Artur; van der Plas, Mariena J. A.
2017Tryptophan end-tagging for promoted lipopolysaccharide interactions and anti-inflammatory effectsSingh, Shalini; Datta, Aritreyee; Schmidtchen, Artur; Bhunia, Anirban; Malmsten, Martin