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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Design and analysis of CMOS-based terahertz integrated circuits by causal fractional-order RLGC transmission line modelShang, Yang; Yu, Hao; Fei, Wei
 2013Design of high-Q millimeter-wave oscillator by differential transmission line loaded with metamaterial resonator in 65-nm CMOSShang, Yang; Yu, Hao; Cai, Deyun; Ren, Junyan; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2012Design of non-destructive single-sawtooth pulse based readout for STT-RAM by NVM-SPICEWang, Yuhao; Shang, Yang; Yu, Hao
2013Design of ultra-low-power 60-GHz direct-conversion receivers in 65-nm CMOSCai, Deyun; Shang, Yang; Yu, Hao; Ren, Junyan
 2017Direct experimental observation of facet‐dependent SERS of Cu2O polyhedraLin, Jie; Hao, Wei; Shang, Yang; Wang, Xiaotian; Qiu, Dengli; Ma, Guanshui; Chen, Chao; Li, Shuzhou; Guo, Lin
 2012Fast simulation of hybrid CMOS and STT-MTJ circuits with identified internal state variablesShang, Yang; Fei, Wei; Yu, Hao
2015A high-sensitivity 135GHz millimeter-wave imager by compact split-ring-resonator in 65-nm CMOSLi, Nan; Yu, Hao; Yang, Chang; Shang, Yang; Li, Xiuping; Liu, Xiong
2015Metamaterial based CMOS terahertz integrated circuitsShang, Yang
2009Planar antenna designShang, Yang
2013Thermal-reliable 3D clock-tree synthesis considering nonlinear electrical-thermal-coupled TSV modelShang, Yang; Zhang, Chun; Yu, Hao; Tan, Chuan Seng; Zhao, Xin; Lim, Sung Kyu