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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Enhanced photovoltaic performance and thermal stability of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite through lattice symmetrizationShao, Feng; Qin, Peng; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Guoqing; Wu, Bo; He, Jianqiao; Peng, Wei; Sum, Tze Chien; Wang, Deliang; Huang, Fuqiang
 2017Learning sparse representation for objective image retargeting quality assessmentJiang, Qiuping; Shao, Feng; Lin, Weisi; Jiang, Gangyi
 2017No-reference view synthesis quality prediction for 3-D videos based on color-depth interactionsShao, Feng; Yuan, Qizheng; Lin, Weisi; Jiang, Gangyi
 2017Optimizing multistage discriminative dictionaries for blind image quality assessmentJiang, Qiuping; Shao, Feng; Lin, Weisi; Gu, Ke; Jiang, Gangyi; Sun, Huifang
 2016Toward domain transfer for no-reference quality prediction of asymmetrically distorted stereoscopic imagesShao, Feng; Zhang, Zhuqing; Jiang, Qiuping; Lin, Weisi; Jiang, Gangyi
 2018Unified no-reference quality assessment of singly and multiply distorted stereoscopic imagesJiang, Qiuping; Shao, Feng; Gao, Wei; Chen, Zhuo; Jiang, Gangyi; Ho, Yo-Sung