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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Parametric inversion of spin currents in semiconductor microcavitiesFlayac, H.; Solnyshkov, D. D.; Malpuech, G.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2015Polariton spin whirlsCilibrizzi, P.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Ohadi, H.; Wilkinson, S.; Askitopoulos, A.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Lagoudakis, P. G.
2015Polarization shaping of Poincaré beams by polariton oscillationsColas, David; Dominici, Lorenzo; Donati, Stefano; Pervishko, Anastasiia A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Ballarini, Dario; Giorgi, Milena de; Bramati, Alberto; Gigli, Giuseppe; Valle, Elena del; Laussy, Fabrice P.; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Sanvitto, Daniele
2013Proposal for a bosonic cascade laserLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Glazov, M. M.; Kavokin, K. V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Kaliteevski, M. A.; Kavokin, Alexey V.
2013Pseudospin dynamics in multimode polaritonic Josephson junctionsPavlovic, G.; Malpuech, G.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2015Quantum phase transition triggering magnetic bound states in the continuum in grapheneKristinsson, Kristinn; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Guessi, L. H.; Marques, Y.; Machado, R. S.; Ricco, L. S.; Figueira, M. S.; de Souza, M.; Seridonio, A. C.
2016Quantum statistics in a time-modulated exciton-photon systemKryuchkyan, G. Yu.; Shahinyan, A. R.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2016Quantum statistics of bosonic cascadesLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Rubo, Y. G.; Sheremet, A. S.; De Liberato, S.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Laussy, F. P.; Kavokin, A. V.
2012Spin dynamics of cold exciton condensatesKyriienko, Oleksandr.; Magnusson, E. B.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2012Spin multistability in dissipative polariton channelsBozat, Ö.; Savenko, I. G.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2016Spin response to localized pumps : exciton polaritons versus electrons and holesPervishko, Anastasiia A.; Sacksteder IV, Vincent; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2013Stochastic gross-pitaevskii equation for the dynamical thermalization of Bose-Einstein condensatesLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Savenko, I. G.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2012Superconductivity with excitons and polaritons : review and extensionShelykh, Ivan A.; Laussy, Fabrice P.; Taylor, Thomas.; Kavokin, Alexey V.
2015Switching waves in multilevel incoherently driven polariton condensatesSigurdsson, Haraldur; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2013Terahertz emitter based on dipolaritonsKyriienko, Oleksandr; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Topological effects on the magnetoconductivity in topological insulatorsSacksteder, Vincent E.; Arnardottir, Kristin Bjorg; Kettemann, Stefan; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2013Transmutation of skyrmions to half-solitons driven by the nonlinear optical spin hall effectFlayac, H.; Solnyshkov, D. D.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Malpuech, G.
2015Transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas dressed by lightPervishko, Anastasiia; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender; Kibis, Oleg V.
2014Tunable single-photon emission from dipolaritonsKyriienko, Oleksandr; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2016Two-dimensional electron gas in the regime of strong light-matter coupling: Dynamical conductivity and all-optical measurements of Rashba and Dresselhaus couplingYudin, Dmitry; Shelykh, Ivan A.