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2004Effect of processing parameters on electroless Cu seed layer propertiesChen, Z.; Chan, L.; See, Alex K. H.; Law, S. B.; Zeng, K. Y.; Shen, L.; Tee, K. C.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
2005Formation of Ti-Si-N film using low frequency, high density inductively coupled plasma processRutkevych, P. P.; Zeng, K. Y.; Chen, Z.; Chan, L.; See, K. H.; Law, S. B.; Xu, S.; Tsakadze, Z. L.; Shen, L.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
 2014Influence of different CH4/N2 ratios on structural and mechanical properties of a-CNx : H film synthesized using plasma focusUmar, Z. A.; Ahmad, R.; Rawat, R. S.; Hussnain, A.; Khalid, N.; Chen, Z.; Shen, L.; Zhang, Z.; Hussain, T.