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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cavity-based high-efficiency and wideband 90° polarization rotatorWang, Jiang; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
2002Characterization of coupling by large and thick apertures and its application in directional couplers' designJiang, Zhihua
 2021Circularly polarized UHF RFID tag antenna for wireless sensing of complex permittivity of liquidsChen, Yi; Hua, Changzhou; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2019A compact and wideband vertically polarized monopole antennaOmar, Ahmed Abdelmottaleb; Shen, Zhongxiang
2014Compact circularly polarized antenna based on quarter-mode substrate integrated waveguide sub-arrayLi, Rui; Jin, Cheng; Shen, Zhongxiang; Alphones, Arokiaswami
 2012Compact omnidirectional antenna of circular polarizationYu, Yufeng; Shen, Zhongxiang; He, Sailing
2014Compact triple-mode filter based on quarter-mode substrate integrated waveguideJin, Cheng; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2020Compact wideband wide-angle van atta retroreflector with suppressed structural modeYan, Libin; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2021Compact-size ultra-wideband circularly polarized antenna with stable gain and radiation patternXu, Rui; Shen, Zhongxiang; Gao, Steven Shichang
2014A conformal cavity-backed supergain slot antennaChen, Zhuozhu; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Conical-beam antenna with four notch slotsRen, Hengjiang; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2018Design of 3-D multilayer ferrite-loaded frequency-selective rasorbers with wide absorption bandsDeng, Tianwei; Yu, Yufeng; Shen, Zhongxiang; Chen, Zhi Ning
 2012Design of a switchable microwave absorberZhang, Qi; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wang, Jianpeng; Lee, Kian Seng
2004Design of a tri-band planar antennaLim, Siew Eng.
2009Design of broadband double-ridged antennaLo, Wei Chen.
 2017Design of broadband phased array antenna at X-bandWang, Wensong; Qu, Zilian; Shen, Zhongxiang; Lou, Liheng; Tang, Kai; Zheng, Yuanjin
 2012Design of dual-polarized frequency selective structure with quasi-elliptic bandpass responseZuo, Yu; Rashid, Amir Khurrum; Shen, Zhongxiang; Feng, Yijun
2003Development of a low cost microwave automatic identification systemShen, Zhongxiang; Law, Choi Look; Hui, Ping
 2019Dual-polarized band-absorptive frequency selective rasorber using meander-line and lumped resistorsYu, Weiliang; Luo, Guo Qing; Yu, Yufeng; Cao, Wenhui; Pan, Yujian; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012A dual-polarized switchable microwave absorberZhang, Qi; Shen, Zhongxiang