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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A novel broadband dual-polarized antenna element for LTE700 MHz/GSM850 MHz/GSM900 MHz applicationsHe, Yejun; Yue, Yadong; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Open-ended coaxial waveguide for conical-beam radiationShen, Zhongxiang; Wang, Jianpeng; Lee, Kian Seng
 2021Pattern-reconfigurable water horn antennaRen, Zhen; Qi, Shi-Shan; Wu, Wen; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012PIC simulation for W-band planar helix with straight-edge connectionsChua, Ciersiang; Aditya, Sheel; Tsai, Julius; Shen, Zhongxiang
2015Planar Helical Antenna of Circular PolarizationChen, Zhuozhu; Shen, Zhongxiang
2014Reconfigurable water antennasHua, Changzhou; Hu, Zhenxin; Shen, Zhongxiang
2001Small signal modeling and design of microwave oscillatorsLeong, Joseph Chee Cheong.
 2019Spurious-free dual-band bandpass frequency-selective surfaces with large band ratioLi, Da; Shen, Zhongxiang; Li, Er-Ping
2002Study of ferrite-filled waveguide slot antenna arraysShan, Xiaoyong.
2004Study of injection locked oscillators and design of a 5.8GHz oscillatorLee, Ming Leong
2018Surface waves propagating on grounded anisotropic dielectric slabChen, Zhuozhu; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2019Thin 3-D bandpass frequency-selective structure based on folded substrate for conformal radome applicationsOmar, Ahmed Abdelmottaleb; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Three-dimensional band-pass frequency-selective structure with multiple transmission zerosLi, Bo; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Three-dimensional band-stop frequency selective structuresLi, Bo; Shen, Zhongxiang
2013Three-dimensional dual-polarized frequency selective structure with wide out-of-band rejectionLi, Bo; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2020Ultrawideband circularly polarized antenna with shared semicircular patchesTan, Weihua; Shan, Xiaoyong; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Wide-band low-profile circular array of H-plane horn antennasYang, Lei; Wu, Wen; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2012Wide-band wide-coverage linear array of four semi-circular sector hornsYang, Lei; Tan, Weihua; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
2015Wideband flush-mounted surface wave antenna of very low profileChen, Zhuozhu; Shen, Zhongxiang