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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Electromagnetic detection of a perfect carpet cloakShi, Xihang; Gao, Fei; Lin, Xiao; Zhang, Baile
2016Electromagnetic wave excitation and propagation in novel photonic materialsShi, Xihang
2016Experimental demonstration of broadband reflectionless diffraction-free electromagnetic wave routingZhang, Youming; Gao, Zhen; Gao, Fei; Shi, Xihang; Xu, Hongyi; Luo, Yu; Zhang, Baile
2015Experimental demonstration of high-order magnetic localized spoof surface plasmonsGao, Fei; Zhang, Youming; Shi, Xihang; Yang, Zhaoju; Zhang, Baile; Gao, Zhen
2016Probing topological protection using a designer surface plasmon structureGao, Fei; Gao, Zhen; Shi, Xihang; Yang, Zhaoju; Lin, Xiao; Xu, Hongyi; Joannopoulos, John D.; Soljačić, Marin; Chen, Hongsheng; Lu, Ling; Chong, Yidong; Zhang, Baile
2017Splashing transients of 2D plasmons launched by swift electronsLin, Xiao; Kaminer, Ido; Shi, Xihang; Gao, Fei; Yang, Zhaoju; Gao, Zhen; Buljan, Hrvoje; Joannopoulos, John D.; Soljačić, Marin; Chen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile
2018Superlight inverse Doppler effectShi, Xihang; Lin, Xiao; Kaminer, Ido; Gao, Fei; Yang, Zhaoju; Joannopoulos, John D.; Soljačić, Marin; Zhang, Baile
2016Synthetic-gauge-field-induced Dirac semimetal state in an acoustic resonator systemYang, Zhaoju; Gao, Fei; Shi, Xihang; Zhang, Baile
2015Topological acousticsYang, Zhaoju; Gao, Fei; Shi, Xihang; Lin, Xiao; Gao, Zhen; Chong, Yidong; Zhang, Baile
2016Translation and Rotation of Transformation Media under Electromagnetic PulseGao, Fei; Shi, Xihang; Lin, Xiao; Xu, Hongyi; Zhang, Baile
2014Ultrathin Three-Dimensional Thermal CloakXu, Hongyi; Shi, Xihang; Gao, Fei; Sun, Handong; Zhang, Baile