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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Degradation of mechanical properties of laminates with multi delaminationsTu, Wenge.
2015Effects of edge crack on the vibration characteristics of delaminated beamsLiu, Yang; Shu, Dong Wei
2003Experimental and finite element analysis for adhesive bonded jointsWei, Linghong.
2003Laminate composites with multiple delaminationsSong, Hao.
 2012Magnesium alloys a promising option as protection materialsAhmad, Iram Raza; Shu, Dong Wei
2005Mechanical properties of some animals' bones and biomaterialsNg, Gim Yeow.
 2022Non-Euclidean geometry model for chemo-mechanical coupling in self-assembled polymers towards dynamic elasticityXing, Ziyu; Lu, Haibao; Shu, Dong Wei; Fu, Yong-Qing
 2021Sequentially tunable buckling in 3D printing auxetic metamaterial undergoing twofold viscoelastic resonancesLiu, Yuheng; Lei, Ming; Lu, Haibo; Shu, Dong Wei
2009Standard static tensile, compression and torsion testsTeng, Chen Yuen.
2003Studies on smart materials and material systems for mechanical applicationsYi, Sung; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Guo, Ningqun; Lin, R. M.; Ling, S. F.; Shu, Dong Wei; Tan, M. J.; Yue, Chee Yoon; M. F. Ahmad; Hilton, H. H.; Sze, K. Y.; Vinson, J. R.
 2022Untangling the mechanics of entanglements in slide-ring gels towards both super-deformability and toughnessXing, Ziyu; Shu, Dong Wei; Lu, Haibao; Fu, Yong-Qing
1999The vibration of a beam embedded with piezoelectric inclusionsDeng, Chao Dan
2006Vibration of beams with delaminations and embedded piezoelectric sensors and actuatorsDella, Christian Ngalatan
1998Vibration of sandwich beams with 2 non-overlapping delaminationsYip, Kok Seng.