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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Bluetooth development and application on internet gatewayWang, Xiaoyan.
2003Bluetooth internet access pointChan, Huey Yee.
2002Bluetooth voice communicationLi, Zhihua.
2003Design and analysis of bandwidth efficient WDM channel allocation for four-wave mixing effect minimizationThing, Vrizlynn Ling Ling.
2004Design and analysis of FG grating based optical components for WDM applicationsZhang, Jing
2003Design and analysis of soliton fiber laserWen, Qi.
2004Design and application of spectrometerOh, Wendy Mei Ling.
2003Design and applications of bluetooth enabled mobile devicesDinesh Kumar Goyal
2003Design and implementation of bluetooth-enable GMS phoneLi, Yan.
2004Design and implementation of bluetooth-enabled cameraAnton
2014Development of an intelligent location-based real-time taxi booking systemLu, Jiawen
2002Development of embedded bluetooth devicesZuo, Yue Xi.
2018Distal end force sensing with optical fiber Bragg gratings for tendon-sheath mechanisms in flexible endoscopic robotsLai, Wenjie; Cao, Lin; Xu, Zhilin; Phan, Phuoc Thien; Shum, Ping; Phee, Soo Jay
2014Dual spectrometer system with spectral compounding for 1-μm optical coherence tomography in vivoCui, Dongyao; Liu, Xinyu; Zhang, Jing; Yu, Xiaojun; Ding, Sun; Luo, Yuemei; Gu, Jun; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo
2017Electron-rich two-dimensional molybdenum trioxides for highly integrated plasmonic biosensingZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Ting; Shum, Ping; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Jing; Wu, Tingting; Wei, Lei
 2018An electrooptic chaotic system based on a hybrid feedback loopCheng, Mengfan; Luo, Chenkun; Jiang, Xingxing; Deng, Lei; Zhang, Minming; Ke, Changjian; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Shum, Ping; Liu, Deming
2006Fibre-based devices for optical subsystem applicationsShum, Ping; Dong, Xinyong; Xia, Li; Tang, Ming; Yu, Xia; Liu, Shuang
2015Genetic algorithm based optimization of pulse profile for MOPA based high power fiber lasersZhang, Jiawei; Tang, Ming; Shi, Jun; Fu, Songnian; Li, Lihua; Liu, Ying; Cheng, Xueping; Liu, Jian; Shum, Ping
 2018High-sensitivity birefringent and single-layer coating photonic crystal fiber biosensor based on surface plasmon resonanceLiu, Min; Yang, Xu; Shum, Ping; Yuan, Hongtao
2018Highly sensitive gas refractometers based on optical microfiber modal interferometers operating at dispersion turning pointZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zheng, Yu; Zhang, Ting; Qi, Miao; Shum, Ping; Wei, Lei