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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Carrier density and light helicity dependence of photocurrent in mono- and bilayer grapheneQian, X.; Cao, Bingchen; Wang, Zilong; Shen, Xiaonan; Soci, Cesare; Eginligil, Mustafa; Yu, Ting
 2017Cathodoluminescence of self-organized heterogeneous phases in multidimensional perovskite thin filmsCortecchia, Daniele; Lew, Kar Cheng; So, Jin-Kyu; Bruno, Annalisa; Soci, Cesare
2014Chalcogenide microfiber photonic synapsesGholipour, B.; Bastock, P.; Khan, K.; Craig, C.; Hewak, D. W.; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare
2021Co-evaporated perovskite light-emitting transistor operating at room temperatureKlein, Maciej; Li, Jia; Bruno, Annalisa; Soci, Cesare
2015Coherent perfect absorption in deeply subwavelength films in the single-photon regimeRoger, Thomas; Vezzoli, Stefano; Bolduc, Eliot; Valente, Joao; Heitz, Julius J. F.; Jeffers, John; Soci, Cesare; Leach, Jonathan; Couteau, Christophe; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Faccio, Daniele
2019Coherent perfect absorption of single photons in a fiber networkVetlugin, Anton N.; Guo, Ruixiang; Xomalis, Angelos; Yanikgonul, Salih; Adamo, Giorgio; Soci, Cesare; Zheludev, Nikolay I.
2016Coherently tunable triangular trefoil phaseonium metamaterialSoci, Cesare; Nguyen, Duc Minh; Ooi, Raymond C. H.
2014Computing matrix inversion with optical networksZheludev, Nikolay I.; Wu, Kan; Soci, Cesare; Shum, Perry Ping
2017Crystal Engineering of a Two-Dimensional Lead-Free Perovskite with Functional Organic Cations by Second-Sphere CoordinationCortecchia, Daniele; Soci, Cesare; Cametti, Massimo; Petrozza, Annamaria; Martí-Rujas, Javier
2018Designing efficient energy funneling kinetics in ruddlesden-popper perovskites for high-performance light-emitting diodesYantara, Natalia; Bruno, Annalisa; Iqbal, Azhar; Nur Fadilah Jamaludin; Soci, Cesare; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Mathews, Nripan
2020Designing the perovskite structural landscape for efficient blue emissionYantara, Natalia; Nur Fadilah Jamaludin; Febriansyah, Benny; Giovanni, David; Bruno, Annalisa; Soci, Cesare; Sum, Tze Chien; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Mathews, Nripan
2017The dynamics of nickelidation for self-aligned contacts to InGaAs channelsChen, Renjie; Dai, Xing; Jungjohann, Katherine L.; Mook, William Moyer; Nogan, John; Soci, Cesare; Dayeh, Shadi
2018Efficient and ambient-air-stable solar cell with highly oriented 2D@3D perovskitesYe, Tao; Bruno, Annalisa; Han, Guifang; Koh, Teck Ming; Li, Jia; Nur Fadilah Jamaludin; Soci, Cesare; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Leong, Wei Lin
 2018Engineering the emission of broadband 2D perovskites by polymer distributed Bragg reflectorsLova, Paola; Cortecchia, Daniele; Krishnamoorthy, Harish Natarajan Swaha; Giusto, Paolo; Bastianini, Chiara; Bruno, Annalisa; Comoretto, Davide; Soci, Cesare
2020Enhancement of luminescence of quantum emitters in the epsilon-near-zero waveguideSo, Jin-Kyu; Yuan, Guang Hui; Soci, Cesare; Zheludev, Nikolay I.
2012Enhancing photocurrent transient spectroscopy by electromagnetic modelingDiesinger, H.; Panahandeh-Fard, Majid; Wang, Z.; Baillargeat, Dominique; Soci, Cesare
 2020Exciton-enabled meta-optics in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenidesWang, Zeng; Yuan, Guanghui; Yang, Ming; Chai, Jianwei; Wu, Steve Qing Yang; Wang, Tao; Sebek, Matej; Wang, Dan; Wang, Lei; Wang, Shijie; Chi, Dongzhi; Adamo, Giorgio; Soci, Cesare; Sun, Handong; Huang, Kun; Teng, Jinghua
2017Excitonic and polaronic properties of 2D hybrid organic-inorganic perovskitesYin, Jun; Li, Hong; Cortecchia, Daniele; Soci, Cesare; Brédas, Jean-Luc
2016Facile synthesis of a hole transporting material with a silafluorene core for efficient mesoscopic CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cellsKrishna, Anurag; Sabba, Dharani; Yin, Jun; Bruno, Annalisa; Antila, Liisa J.; Soci, Cesare; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive
2013Fluorescence from rubrene single crystals : interplay of singlet fission and energy trappingGurzadyan, Gagik G.; Michel-Beyerle, Maria E.; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Keke; Sun, Handong; Soci, Cesare; Kloc, Christian