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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Machine Learning based Prediction of Thermal Comfort in Buildings of Equatorial SingaporeChaudhuri, Tanaya; Soh, Yeng Chai; Li, Hua; Xie, Lihua
2002Navigation and control of a fleet of computer-aided mobile systemsWang, Dan Wei; Soh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Ming; Pasquier, Michel B.
 2017A novel feature selection framework with Hybrid Feature-Scaled Extreme Learning Machine (HFS-ELM) for indoor occupancy estimationMustafa Khalid Masood; Jiang, Chaoyang; Soh, Yeng Chai
2016Numerical analysis and model-based control of energy recovery ventilator in HVAC systemHuynh, Nam Khoa; Li, Hua; Soh, Yeng Chai; Cai, Wenjian
 2016Numerical Investigation of Supercritical Water Flow in a 2x2 Rod Bundle Under Non-Uniform Heat FluxRowinski, Marcin; Soh, Yeng Chai; White, Timothy John; Chieng, Ching Ch.; Zhao, Jiyun
2016On assuming Mean Radiant Temperature equal to air temperature during PMV-based thermal comfort study in air-conditioned buildingsChaudhuri, Tanaya; Soh, Yeng Chai; Bose, Sumanta; Xie, Lihua; Li, Hua
2017Output-feedback protocols without controller interaction for consensus of homogeneous multi-agent systems: A unified robust control viewLi, Xianwei; Soh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Lihua
2015Periodic Event-Triggered Average Consensus over Directed GraphsMeng, Xiangyu; Xie, Lihua; Soh, Yeng Chai; Nowzari, Cameron; Pappas, George J.
 2018Random forest based thermal comfort prediction from gender-specific physiological parameters using wearable sensing technologyZhai, Deqing; Soh, Yeng Chai; Li, Hua; Xie, Lihua; Chaudhuri, Tanaya
2002Robust and adaptive filtering approach to active control of noise in a cleanroomCai, Wenjian; Soh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Lihua; Yuan, Shuqing
2003Robust fault detection and identification with application to aircraft flight control systemWang, Jianliang; Soh, Yeng Chai
2014Robust H∞ receding horizon control for a class of coordinated control problems involving dynamically decoupled subsystemsGautam, Ajay; Chu, Yun-Chung; Soh, Yeng Chai
2004Robust information filter for multi-sensor systemsZhu, Ye
1999Robust pole placement designLee, Hui Teck
 2018Safety analysis of super-critical water reactors – a reviewRowinski, Marcin Karol; Zhao, Jiyun; White, Timothy John; Soh, Yeng Chai
1995Scheduling and control of flexible manufacturing systemsMeng, Jin Yan
2002Selective recording, sitmulation and signal processing techniques in Functional electrical stimulationUdantha Ranjith Abeyratne; Soh, Yeng Chai; Krishnan Shankar Muthu; Khoo, David; Puvanendran, K.; Johannes J. Struijk
2007Soft-sensing technologies with application to chemical waste treatmentXie, Lihua; Fang, Yue; Cai, Wenjian; Soh, Yeng Chai
2004Synchronization and security enhancement of chaotic cryptosystemsLi, Kun
2000Synthesis and analysis of high performance control systemsSoh, Yeng Chai