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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An integrated cluster-based multi-channel MAC protocol for mobile ad hoc networksZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee; Xiao, Wendong
 2012An integrated vehicular and urban sensing system : framework and modelingLim, Hock Beng; Soong, Boon Hee; Nasir, Adnan
2004Intelligent transportation system: algorithms and software for road navigation, route guidance and mobile ad hoc network communicationLaw, Choi Look; Ling, Keck Voon; Chua, Hock Chuan; Soong, Boon Hee; Guan, Yong Liang; Xiao, Wendong
2005Interference distribution in the Nakagami fading wireless CDMA ad hoc networks with multi-code multi-packet transmission (MCMPT)Zhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee
2006K-connectivity in shadowing wireless multi-hop networksZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee
2007Location-aware two-phase coding multi-channel MAC protocol (LA-TPCMMP) for MANETsZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee; Xiao, Wendong
2005Multi-code multi-packet transmission (MCMPT) in wireless CDMA ad hoc networks under Rayleigh fading channelsZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee
1994A network management stationCheah, Kean Hock.
2002Network security & intrusion detectionBie, Tong Jiang.
2007A new energy-efficient local metric for Channel-Aware Geographic-Informed Forwarding (CAGIF) in wireless sensor networksSoong, Boon Hee; Zhang, Lili
2003A new multichannel MAC protocol for ad hoc networks based on two-phase coding with power control (TPCPC)Zhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee; Xiao, Wendong
 2012A novel RFID and capacitive sensing based smart bookshelfLiu, Wei; Ng, Bing Qiang; Lim, Terrence; Bin, Liu; Soong, Boon Hee; Nasir, Adnan; Chia, Merrill
2014Oligopolistic spectrum allocation game via market competition under spectrum brokerLa, Quang Duy; Chew, Yong Huat; Soong, Boon Hee
2002Optimisation of base station locations for wireless CDMA in cellular communication systemsTan, Alan Yeow Loon
2004Overhead analysis of location-aware two-phase coding multi-channel MAC protocol (LA-TPCMMP) for MANETsZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee; Xiao, Wendong
2002PCS network planning using genetic algorithmLi, Juan.
 2012Performance analysis of downlink multi-cell OFDMA systems based on potential gameLa, Quang Duy; Chew, Yong Huat; Soong, Boon Hee
2017Performance Analysis of Machine-Learning Approaches for Modeling the Charging/Discharging Profiles of Stationary Battery Systems with Non-Uniform Cell AgingKandasamy, Nandha; Badrinarayanan, Rajagopalan; Kanamarlapudi, Venkata; Tseng, King; Soong, Boon Hee
2003Precision positioning and identification systemLaw, Choi Look; Chua, Hock Chuan; Guan, Yong Liang; Goh, Pong Chai; Ling, Keck Voon; Soong, Boon Hee; Nagarajan, Narayanaswamy
2006Prediction models for DTV coverage in SingaporeSoong, Boon Hee; Ong, Jin Teong; Law, Choi Look