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 2018Design automation for smart building systemsJia, Ruoxi; Jin, Baihong; Jin, Ming; Zhou, Yuxun; Konstantakopoulos, Ioannis C.; Zou, Han; Kim, Joyce; Li, Dan; Gu, Weixi; Arghandeh, Reza; Nuzzo, Pierluigi; Schiavon, Stefano; Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto L.; Spanos, Costas J.
2021Distributed control of multizone HVAC systems considering indoor air qualityYang, Yu; Srinivasan, Seshadhri; Hu, Guoqiang; Spanos, Costas J.
 2016Energy management considering load operations and forecast errors with application to HVAC systemsMa, Kai; Hu, Guoqiang; Spanos, Costas J.
 2019Handling incomplete sensor measurements in fault detection and diagnosis for building HVAC systemsLi, Dan; Zhou, Yuxun; Hu, Guoqiang; Spanos, Costas J.
2022Optimal network charge for peer-to-peer energy trading: a grid perspectiveYang, Yu; Chen, Yue; Hu, Guoqiang; Spanos, Costas J.
 2017WinLight: a WiFi-based occupancy-driven lighting control system for smart buildingZou, Han; Zhou, Yuxun; Jiang, Hao; Chien, Szu-Cheng; Xie, Lihua; Spanos, Costas J.