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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Fracture capacity of girth welded pipelines with 3D surface cracks subjected to biaxial loading conditionsDake, Yi; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Zhongmin, Xiao; Kumar, Shashi Bhushan
 2012Impact modeling of foam cored sandwich plates with ductile or brittle faceplatesSridhar, Idapalapati; Rajaneesh, A.; Rajendran, S.
2017Influence of Geometry and Hardness of the Backing Plate on Ballistic Performance of Bi-Layer Ceramic ArmorGour, Govind; Serjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati
 2012Multi-objective material selection for wind turbine blade and tower : Ashby’s approachTseng, King Jet; Rashedi, A.; Sridhar, Idapalapati
 2012On the design of bi-layer armor materialsSerjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Wong, Ee Hua
2009Processing and characterisation of MWCNT reinforced aluminum matrix compositesSridhar, Idapalapati; Narayanan, Karthic R.