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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Factors influencing polycation/siRNA colloidal stability toward aerosol lung deliverySteele, Terry W. J.; Zhao, Xiaobin; Tarcha, Peter; Kissel, Thomas
 2017Functionalized nanoceria exhibit improved angiogenic propertiesNethi, Susheel Kumar; Nanda, Himansu Sekhar; Steele, Terry W. J.; Patra, Chitta Ranjan
 2018Gold nanoparticle should understand protein corona for being a clinical nanomaterialCharbgoo, Fahimeh; Nejabat, Mojgan; Abnous, Khalil; Soltani, Fatemeh; Seyed Mohammad Taghdisi; Alibolandi, Mona; Shier, W. Thomas; Steele, Terry W. J.; Mohammad Ramezani
2015High throughput screening of valganciclovir in acidic mircoenvironments of polyester thin filmsSchaller, Teilo; Wenner, Tobias; Agrawal, Rupesh; Teoh, Stephen; Phua, Li Ting; Loo, Joachim Say Chye; Steele, Terry W. J.
2011High-throughput screening of PLGA thin films utilizing hydrophobic fluorescent dyes for hydrophobic drug compoundsSteele, Terry W. J.; Huang, Charlotte L.; Kumar, Saranya; Widjaja, Effendi; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Loo, Joachim Say Chye; Venkatraman, Subbu S.
2020In vitro biocompatibility of diazirine-grafted biomaterialsDjordjevic, Ivan; Wicaksono, Gautama; Solic, Ivan; Steele, Terry W. J.
2017Incorporation of conductive internal additives within electrocuring adhesivesGan, Lu; Tan, Nigel Chew Shun; Steele, Terry W. J.
2020Light-activated, bioadhesive, poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) brush coatingsWang, Jian; Karami, Peyman; Ataman, Nariye Cavusoglu; Pioletti, Dominique P.; Steele, Terry W. J.; Klok, Harm-Anton
2020Magnetocuring of temperature failsafe epoxy adhesivesChaudhary, Richa; Chaudhary, Varun; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Steele, Terry W. J.
 2017Metabolic reduction of resazurin; location within the cell for cytotoxicity assaysChen, Jian Lin; Steele, Terry W. J.; Stuckey, David Campbell
2012Modulating drug release from poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) thin films through terminal end-groups and molecular weightBoey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Huang, Charlotte L.; Kumar, Saranya; Tan, John J. Z.; Venkatraman, Subbu S.; Steele, Terry W. J.; Loo, Joachim Say Chye
2015New Photochrome Probe Allows Simultaneous pH and Microviscosity SensingWu, Yuanyuan; Papper, Vladislav; Pokholenko, Oleksandr; Kharlanov, Vladimir; Zhou, Yubin; Steele, Terry W. J.; Marks, Robert S.
2019Non-aqueous, tissue compliant carbene-crosslinking bioadhesivesShah, Ankur Harish; Pokholenko, Oleksander; Nanda, Himanshu Sekhar; Steele, Terry W. J.
2018Nonthrombogenic hydrogel coatings with carbene-cross-linking bioadhesivesNanda, Himansu Sekhar; Shah, Ankur Harish; Wicaksono, Gautama; Pokholenko, Oleksandr; Gao, Feng; Djordjevic, Ivan; Steele, Terry W. J.
2012Novel gradient casting method provides high-throughput assessment of blended polyester poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) thin films for parameter optimizationVenkatraman, Subbu S.; Steele, Terry W. J.; Huang, Charlotte L.; Kumar, Saranya; Irvine, Scott; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Loo, Joachim Say Chye
 2013Novel on-demand bioadhesion to soft tissue in wet environmentsSteele, Terry W. J.; Mogal, Vishal; Papper, Vladislav; Chaurasia, Alok; Feng, Gao; Marks, Robert
2014Novel Photochrome Aptamer Switch Assay (PHASA) for Adaptive Binding to AptamersPapper, Vladislav; Pokholenko, Oleksandr; Wu, Yuanyuan; Zhou, Yubin; Ping, Jianfeng; Steele, Terry W. J.; Marks, Robert S.
2015Novel Sensor-Enabled Ex Vivo Bioreactor: A New Approach towards Physiological Parameters and Porcine Artery ViabilityMundargi, Raghavendra; Venkataraman, Divya; Kumar, Saranya; Mogal, Vishal; Ortiz, Raphael; Steele, Terry W. J.; Loo, Joachim Say Chye; Venkatraman, Subbu S.
2018On-Demand Bioadhesive Dendrimers with Reduced CytotoxicityGao, Feng; Djordjevic, Ivan; Pokholenko, Oleksandr; Zhang, Haobo; Zhang, Junying; Steele, Terry W. J.
2020Optimizing the reduction potential of sulfonamides on PAMAM dendrimersGhosh, Animesh; Tan, Nigel Chew Shun; Shi, Raymond R. S.; Webster, Richard David; Steele, Terry W. J.