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 2011Biomechanical study of the edge outgrowth phenomenon of encapsulated chondrocytic isogenous groups in the surface layer of hydrogel scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineeringSu, Kai; Li, Chuan; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Wang, Dong-An; Chan, Vincent; Ng, Soon Seng
 2012Co-transduction of lentiviral and adenoviral vectors for co-delivery of growth factor and shRNA genes in mesenchymal stem cells-based chondrogenic systemZhang, Feng; Yao, Yongchang; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Citra, Fudiman; Wang, Dong-An
 2012Creating a living hyaline cartilage graft free from non-cartilaginous constituents : an intermediate role of a biomaterial scaffoldSu, Kai; Lau, Ting Ting; Leong, Wenyan; Gong, Yihong; Wang, Dong-An
 2012The effect of osteochondral regeneration using polymer constructs and continuous passive motion therapy in the lower weight-bearing zone of femoral trocheal groove in rabbitsChang, Nai-Jen; Lin, Chih-Chan; Li, Chien-Feng; Su, Kai; Yeh, Ming-Long
 2013Enhancing infection affinity of therapeutic recombinant viral vectors to targeted cells in regenerative nanomedicineZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Wang, Dong-An
 2012Inducing ossification in an engineered 3D scaffold-free living cartilage templateLau, Ting Ting; Lee, Li Qi Priscilyn; Vo, Bao Ngoc; Su, Kai; Wang, Dong-An
 2012A mixed co-culture of mesenchymal stem cells and transgenic chondrocytes in alginate hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineeringZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Sandhya, Swaminathan; Wang, Dong-An
2011Phase transfer cell culture system for self-forming cartilage tissue regenerationSu, Kai
2013A transduced living hyaline cartilage graft releasing transgenic stromal cell-derived factor-1 inducing endogenous stem cell homing in vivoLeong, Wenyan; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Wang, Dong-An; Zhang, Feng