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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Supervisor synthesis to thwart cyber attack with bounded sensor reading alterationsSu, Rong
2021Supervisory control of time-interval discrete event systemsBrandin, Bertil; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong
2017Symbolic reachability analysis and maximally permissive entrance control for globally synchronized templatesLin, Liyong; Stefanescu, Alin; Wang, Weilin; Su, Rong; Wonham, Walter Murray
2019Synchronous composition of finite interval automataLin, Liyong; Su, Rong; Brandin, Bertil A.; Ware, Simon; Zhu, Yuting; Sun, Yajuan
 2021Synthesis of covert actuator and sensor attackersLin, Liyong; Su, Rong
2021Synthesis of covert actuator and sensor attackers as supervisor synthesisLin, Liyong; Su, Rong
 2020Synthesis of covert actuator attackers for freeLin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
 2019Synthesis of minimally restrictive optimal stability-enforcing supervisors for nondeterministic discrete event systemsHan, Xiaoguang; Chen, Zengqiang; Su, Rong
 2018Traffic light scheduling for pedestrian-vehicle mixed-flow networksZhang, Yi; Gao, Kaizhou; Zhang, Yicheng; Su, Rong
 2022Urban traffic light scheduling for pedestrian–vehicle mixed-flow networks using discrete sine–cosine algorithm and its variantsGupta, Shubham; Zhang, Yi; Su, Rong
2016A weighted pair graph representation for reconstructibility of Boolean control networksZhang, Kuize; Zhang, Lijun; Su, Rong
2018What information really matters in supervisor reduction?Su, Rong; Wonham, Walter Murray