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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Networked supervisor synthesis against lossy channels with bounded network delays as non-networked synthesisLin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Tai, Ruochen; Ware, Simon; Su, Rong
2022A new modeling framework for networked discrete-event systemsTai, Ruochen; Lin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
2021A novel resilient control scheme for a class of Markovian jump systems with partially unknown informationZhang, Kun; Su, Rong; Zhang, Huaguang
 2022On the existence of Equivalent-Input-Disturbance and multiple integral augmentation via H-Infinity Synthesis for unmatched systemsKürkçü, Burak; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku; Efe, Mehmet Önder; Su, Rong
 2022Optimal control of interconnected systems with time-correlated noises: application to vehicle platoonWang, Yan; Su, Rong; Wang, Bohui
 2020Optimal tracking cooperative control for cyber-physical systems : dynamic fault-tolerant control and resilient managementWang, Bohui; Zhang, Bin; Su, Rong
2022Path-oriented synchronized transit scheduling using time-dependent dataLee, Kelvin; Jiang, Yu; Ceder, Avishai; Dauwels, Justin; Su, Rong; Nielsen, Otto Anker
2022Path-oriented synchronized transit scheduling using time-dependent dataLee, Kelvin; Jiang, Yu; Ceder, Avishai (Avi); Dauwels, Justin; Su, Rong; Nielsen, Otto Anker
 2019Pedestrian-safety-aware traffic light control strategy for urban traffic congestion alleviationZhang, Yi; Zhang, Yicheng; Su, Rong
2017Polynomial approach to optimal one-wafer cyclic scheduling of treelike hybrid multi-cluster tools via Petri netsYang, Fajun; Wu, Naiqi; Qiao, Yan; Su, Rong
 2018Predictive analytics of crude oil prices by utilizing the intelligent model search engineBekiroglu, Korkut; Duru, Okan; Gulay, Emrah; Su, Rong; Lagoa, Constantino
2020Recursive approximation of complex behaviours with IoT-data imperfectionsBekiroglu, Korkut; Srinivasan, Seshadhri; Png, Ethan; Su, Rong; Lagoa, Constantino
2018Scheduling and control of start-up process for time-constrained single-arm cluster tools with parallel chambersYang, FaJun; Qiao, Yan; Gao, KaiZhou; Wu, NaiQi; Zhu, YuTing; Simon, Ian Ware; Su, Rong
2016Sensor data monitoring software in androidSu, Rong
2021Supervisor synthesis for networked discrete event systems with delays against non-FIFO communication channelsZhu, Yuting; Lin, Liyong; Tai, Ruochen; Su, Rong
2018Supervisor synthesis to thwart cyber attack with bounded sensor reading alterationsSu, Rong
2021Supervisory control of time-interval discrete event systemsBrandin, Bertil; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong
2017Symbolic reachability analysis and maximally permissive entrance control for globally synchronized templatesLin, Liyong; Stefanescu, Alin; Wang, Weilin; Su, Rong; Wonham, Walter Murray
2019Synchronous composition of finite interval automataLin, Liyong; Su, Rong; Brandin, Bertil A.; Ware, Simon; Zhu, Yuting; Sun, Yajuan
 2021Synthesis of covert actuator and sensor attackersLin, Liyong; Su, Rong