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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Integration of Wikipedia and a geography digital libraryGoh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Zhang, Jun; Lim, Ee Peng; Wang, Zhe; Darwin Sadeli; Li, Yuanyuan; Chang, Chew Hung; Kalyani Chatterjea; Sun, Aixin; Theng, Yin-Leng
2018Joint implicit and explicit neural networks for question recommendation in CQA servicesTu, Hongkui; Wen, Jiahui; Sun, Aixin; Wang, Xiaodong
2018Learning to answer programming questions with software documentation through social context embeddingLi, Jing; Sun, Aixin; Xing, Zhenchang
 2012Lessons from learner experiences in a field-based inquiry in geography using mobile devicesChang, Chew Hung; Chatterjea, Kalyani; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Lim, Ee Peng; Sun, Aixin; Razikin, Khasfariyati; Kim, Thi Nhu Quynh; Nguyen, Quang Minh; Theng, Yin-Leng
2017Linking fine-grained locations in user commentsHan, Jialong; Sun, Aixin; Cong, Gao; Zhao, Wayne Xin; Ji, Zongcheng; Phan, Minh C.
 2018LinkLive : discovering Web learning resources for developers from Q&A discussionsLi, Jing; Xing, Zhenchang; Sun, Aixin
2005Managing geography learning objects using personalized project spaces in G-PortalGoh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Sun, Aixin; Zong, Wenbo; Wu, Dan; Lim, Ee Peng; Hedberg, John; Chang, Chew Hung; Theng, Yin-Leng
2015Mobile phone name extraction from internet forums: a semi-supervised approachYao, Yangjie; Sun, Aixin
2005On assigning place names to geography related web pagesZong, Wenbo; Wu, Dan; Sun, Aixin; Lim, Ee Peng; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian
2018Pair-linking for collective entity disambiguation : two could be better than allPhan, Minh C.; Sun, Aixin; Tay, Yi; Han, Jialong; Li, Chenliang
2005Personalized project space for managing geographical objects in G-PortalZong, Wenbo; Wu, Dan; Sun, Aixin; Lim, Ee Peng; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Hedberg, John; Chang, Chew Hung; Theng, Yin-Leng
2013Predicting event-relatedness of popular queriesGhoreishi, Seyyedeh Newsha; Sun, Aixin
2020A re-visit of the popularity baseline in recommender systemsJi, Yitong; Sun, Aixin; Zhang, Jie; Li, Chenliang
2018Seed-guided topic model for document filtering and classificationLi, Chenliang; Chen, Shiqian; Xing, Jian; Sun, Aixin; Ma, Zongyang
2017Semi-supervised spam detection in Twitter streamSedhai, Surendra; Sun, Aixin
 2012Short text classification using very few wordsSun, Aixin
2004Supporting field study with personalized project spaces in a geographical digital libraryLim, Ee Peng; Sun, Aixin; Liu, Zehua; Hedberg, John; Chang, Chew Hung; Teh, Tiong Sa; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Theng, Yin-Leng
2018A survey of location prediction on twitterZheng, Xin; Han, Jialong; Sun, Aixin
 2013Time-aware point-of-interest recommendationYuan, Quan; Cong, Gao; Ma, Zongyang; Sun, Aixin; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
 2017A time-aware trajectory embedding model for next-location recommendationZhao, Wayne Xin; Zhou, Ningnan; Sun, Aixin; Wen, Ji-Rong; Han, Jialong; Chang, Edward Y.