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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Gender classification from face images using linear discriminant analysisSoe Thida.
2004Gender classification from face images using support vector machinePhyu Phyu Thant.
2010Gender recognition from face imagesWong, Kah Wai.
2001Head-pose and eye-gaze determination for human-machine interactionWang, Jian Gang.
2006Human detection and tracking from image sequences using background subtraction techniqueKhayae Hlaing.
2012Investigating the use of SIFT for facial expression recognitionZhong, Nan.
2012Investigation of sift for gender classificationHarihara Subramanian Karthikk.
2006Investigation of the trace transform applied to face recognitionThit Lwin Tun.
2007Large margin classifications and their applications in computer visionLi, Xuchun
2009License plate detection in differently illuminated car imagesTan, Evelyn Gek Khim.
2000Real-time visual servo control of a robot using uncalibrated camerasJiao, Cai Xiao
2011Research and development of an automated robotic coffee MachineTan, Xin Wei.
1995Segmentation of planar surfaces from range dataSon, Ik Soo.
2002Segmenting the infra-red images of the scene into road and non-road regionsSint Sint Win.
2009Speech recognition toolLin, Weixiong.
2010Study of the intra-variability of a person’s face from infrared imagesLiao, Marc Zhi Xiong.
2002Time optimization of laser header alignment in fiber optic transmitterLi, Weimin.
1999Visual navigationWang, Han; Sung, Eric; Xie, Ming