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 2014Studying forkhead box protein A1–DNA interaction and ligand inhibition using gold nanoparticles, electrophoretic mobility shift assay, and fluorescence anisotropyAung, Khin Moh Moh; New, Siu Yee; Hong, Shuzhen; Sutarlie, Laura; Lim, Michelle Gek Liang; Tan, Si Kee; Cheung, Edwin; Su, Xiaodi
 2014Studying Protein–DNA Complexes Using Gold Nanoparticles by Exploiting Particle Aggregation, Refractive Index Change, and Fluorescence Quenching and Enhancement PrinciplesSutarlie, Laura; Aung, Khin Moh Moh; Lim, Michelle Gek Liang; Lukman, Steven; Cheung, Edwin; Su, Xiaodi