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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012A direct approach toward global minimization for multiphase labeling and segmentation problemsTai, Xue Cheng; Gu, Ying; Wang, Li-Lian
2006A discrete de Rham complex with enhanced smoothnessTai, Xue Cheng; Winther, Ragnar
 2011Domain decomposition methods with graph cuts algorithms for total variation minimizationDuan, Yuping; Tai, Xue Cheng
 2012Geometry of total variation regularized L^p-modelTai, Xue Cheng; Shi, Yuying; Wang, Li-Lian
2002Global and uniform convergence of subspace correction methods for some convex optimization problemsTai, Xue Cheng; Xu, Jinchao
2003Identification of discontinuous coefficients in elliptic problems using total variation regularizationChan, Tony F.; Tai, Xue Cheng
2007Level set method for positron emission tomographyChan, Tony F.; Li, Hongwei; Lysaker, Marius; Tai, Xue Cheng
2004Noise removal using smoothed normals and surface fittingLysaker, Marius; Osher, Stanley; Tai, Xue Cheng
2007A nonlinear multigrid method for total variation minimization from image restorationChen, Ke; Tai, Xue Cheng
1998Rate of convergence of some space decomposition methods for linear and nonlinear problemsTai, Xue Cheng; Espedal, Magne
2013A ridge and corner preserving model for surface restorationChan, Tony F.; Lai, Rongjie; Tai, Xue Cheng
2002A robust finite element method for Darcy-Stokes flowMardal, Kent Andre; Tai, Xue Cheng; Winther, Ragnar
2000A robust nonconforming H-2-elementNilssen, Trygve K.; Tai, Xue Cheng; Winther, Ragnar
2009A saddle point approach to the computation of harmonic mapsHu, Qiya; Tai, Xue Cheng; Winther, Ragnar
2002Superconvergence for the gradient of finite element approximations by L2-projectionsHeimsund, Bjorn-Ove; Tai, Xue Cheng; Wang, Junping
2009A unified framework for automated 3D whole cell segmentation of living cells and a comprehensive segmentationErlend, Hodneland; Nickolay V., Bukoreshtliev; Tilo W., Eichler; Tai, Xue Cheng; Steffen, Gurke; Arvid, Lundervold; Hans-Hermann, Gerdes
2006A variant of the level set method and applications to image segmentationLie, Johan; Lysaker, Marius; Tai, Xue Cheng