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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anatomy of phreatic eruptionsCaudron, Corentin; Taisne, Benoit; Neuberg, Jurgen; Jolly, Arthur D.; Christenson, Bruce; Lecocq, Thomas; Suparjan; Syahbana, Devy; Suantika, Gede
2019A Bayesian approach to infer volcanic system parameters, timing, and size of Strombolian events from a single tilt stationManta, Fabio; Taisne, Benoit
2021Combining petrology and seismology to unravel the plumbing system of a typical arc volcano : an example from Marapi, West Sumatra, IndonesiaNurfiani, Dini; Wang, Xin ; Gunawan, H.; Triastuty, H.; Hidayat, Dannie; Wei, Shengji; Taisne, Benoit; Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Caroline
2019Dike channelization and solidification : time scale controls on the geometry and placement of magma migration pathwaysPansino, Stephen; Emadzadeh, Adel; Taisne, Benoit
2020Estimates of plume height from infrasound for regional volcano monitoringPerttu, Anna; Taisne, Benoit; De Angelis, Silvio; Assink, Jelle D.; Tailpied, Dorianne; Williams, Ross Adrian
2015Fractal degassing from Erebus and Mayon volcanoes revealed by a new method to monitor H2O emission cyclesAggangan, Brian; Costa, Fidel; Taisne, Benoit; Ildefonso, Sorvigenaleon; Girona, Társilo
2019Global monitoring of volcanic SO2 degassing with unprecedented resolution from TROPOMI onboard Sentinel-5 PrecursorBarrington, Charlotte; Taisne, Benoit; Theys, N.; Hedelt, P.; De Smedt, I.; Lerot, C.; Yu, H.; Vlietinck, J.; Pedergnana, M.; Arellano, S.; Galle, B.; Fernandez, D.; Carlito, C. J. M.; Delgado-Granados, H.; Loyola, D.; Van Roozendael, M.
2018How magmatic storage regions attract and repel propagating dikesPansino, Stephen; Taisne, Benoit
2019Infrasound and seismoacoustic signatures of the 28 September 2018 Sulawesi super-shear earthquakePilger, Christoph; Gaebler, Peter; Ceranna, Lars; Le Pichon, Alexis; Vergoz, Julien; Perttu, Anna; Tailpied, Dorianne; Taisne, Benoit
2018Necking and fracking may explain stationary seismicity and full degassing in volcanic silicic spine extrusionJiao, Liqing; Tapponnier, Paul; Costa, Fidel; Donzé, Frédéric-Victor; Scholtès, Luc; Taisne, Benoit; Wei, Shengji
2019New insight Into a volcanic system : analogue investigation of bubble-driven deformation in an elastic conduitManta, Fabio; Emadzadeh, Adel; Taisne, Benoit
2014On depressurization of volcanic magma reservoirs by passive degassingNewhall, Chris; Taisne, Benoit; Girona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel
2020Processing of volcano infrasound using film sound audio post-production techniques to improve signal detection via array processingWilliams, Ross Adrian; Perttu, Anna; Taisne, Benoit
2015Seismic anisotropy and its precursory change before eruptions at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, La RéunionSavage, M. K.; Ferrazzini, V.; Peltier, A.; Rivemale, E.; Mayor, J.; Schmid, A.; Brenguier, F.; Massin, F.; Got, J.-L.; Battaglia, J.; DiMuro, A.; Staudacher, T.; Rivet, D.; Taisne, Benoit; Shelley, A.
2020Shear wave measurements of a gelatin’s Young’s modulusPansino, Stephen; Taisne, Benoit
2015Toward continuous quantification of lava extrusion rate : results from the multidisciplinary analysis of the 2 January 2010 eruption of Piton de la Fournaise volcano, La RéunionBrenguier, F.; Kowalski, P.; Boissier, P.; Catherine, P.; Lauret, F.; Dewez, T.; Grandjean, G.; Dupont, A.; Staudacher, T.; Hibert, C.; Mangeney, A.; Polacci, M.; Muro, A. Di; Vergniolle, S.; Ferrazzini, V.; Peltier, A.; Taisne, Benoit; Burton, M.
 2020Wet vs. Dry the impact of water on infrasound eruption signals in crater lake volcanoes : April 2020 Anak Krakatau case studyPerttu, Anna B.; Taisne, Benoit; Hidayat, Dannie; Kristianto, K.; Iguchi, Masato; Caudron, Corentin; Lube, Gert; Gunawan, Hendra