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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018REDPC : a residual error-based density peak clustering algorithmParmar, Milan; Wang, Di; Zhang, Xiaofeng; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Miao, Chunyan; Jiang, Jianhua; Zhou, You
 2018Region-aware reflection removal with unified content and gradient priorsWan, Renjie; Shi, Boxin; Duan, Ling-Yu; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Gao, Wen; Kot, Alex Chichung
2017Robust human activity recognition using lesser number of wearable sensorsWang, Di; Candinegara, Edwin; Hou, Junhui; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Miao, Chunyan
 2012A self-organizing multi-memory system for autonomous agentsWang, Wenwen; Subagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Tan, Yuan-Sin
 2012Self-organizing neural networks for learning air combat maneuversTeng, Teck-Hou; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Tan, Yuan-Sin; Yeo, Adrian
 2012Semi-supervised hierarchical clustering for personalized web image organizationMeng, Lei; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2015Silver assistants for aging-in-placeWang, Di; Subagdja, Budhitama; Kang, Yilin; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2020A systematic density-based clustering method using anchor pointsWang, Yizhang; Wang, Di; Pang, Wei; Miao, Chunyan; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Zhou, You
2014Towards intelligent caring agents for Aging-In-Place : issues and challengesKang, Yilin; Wang, Di; Subagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Zhang, Daqing