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2020Carboxylated chalcone and benzaldehyde derivatives of triosmium carbonyl clusters : synthesis, characterization and biological activity towards MCF-7 cellsKwek, Zheng Hua; Ganguly, Rakesh; Afreen, A. Mohamed; Koh, Wei Xiang; Leong, Weng Kee; Tan, Kelvin Yong Leng
 2022Coordination of the hemilabile ligand diphenylvinylphosphine to Ru4(µ-H)4(CO)12: synthesis, stability and structural studiesNeo, Edward Ren Kai; Ong, Han Wee; Wong, Zhen Xuan; Kumaran, Elumalai; Ganguly, Rakesh; Leong, Weng Kee; Tan, Kelvin Yong Leng
 2012Ferrocenyl catechols : synthesis, oxidation chemistry and anti-proliferative effects on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cellsHillard, Elizabeth A.; Tan, Kelvin Yong Leng; Pigeon, Pascal; Top, Siden; Labbé, Eric; Buriez, Olivier; Vessières, Anne; Amatore, Christian; Leong, Weng Kee; Jaouen, Gérard