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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Maternal feeding practices in relation to dietary intakes and BMI in 5 year-olds in a multi-ethnic Asian populationIzzuddin M. Aris; Lee, Yung Seng; Yap, Fabian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Gluckman, Peter. D; Chong, Yap-Seng; Quah, Phaik Ling; Syuhada, Ginanjar; Fries, Lisa R.; Chan, Mei Jun; Lim, Hui Xian; Toh, Jia Ying; Sugianto, Ray; Shek, Lynette P.; Tan, Kok Hian; Forde, Ciaran G.; Chong, Mary F. F.
2019Maternal night-eating pattern and glucose tolerance during pregnancy : study protocol for a longitudinal studyLoy, See Ling; Cheung, Yin Bun; Chong, Mary; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk; Lek, Ngee; Lee, Yung Seng; Tan, Kok Hian; Chern, Bernard; Yap, Fabian; Chan, Jerry
2020Maternal plasma metabolic markers of neonatal adiposity and associated maternal characteristics : the GUSTO studyChia, Ai-Ru; de Seymour, Jamie V.; Wong, Gerard; Sulek, Karolina; Han, Ting-Li; McKenzie, Elizabeth J.; Aris, Izzuddin M.; Godfrey, Keith M.; Yap, Fabian; Tan, Kok Hian; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Lee, Yung Seng; Kramer, Michael S.; Karnani, Neerja; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Baker, Philip N.
2017Plasma vitamin D deficiency is associated with poor sleep quality and night-time eating at mid-pregnancy in SingaporeCheng, Tuck Seng; Loy, See Ling; Cheung, Yin Bun; Cai, Shirong; Colega, Marjorelee T.; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Tan, Kok Hian; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Lee, Yung Seng; Lek, Ngee; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Fabian, Yap
2018Prospective associations of maternal dietary patterns and postpartum mental health in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort : the Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes (GUSTO) studyColega, Marjorelee T.; Pang, Wei Wei; Godfrey, Keith M.; Tan, Kok Hian; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Teo, Cherlyen; Chia, Ai-Ru; Chen, Ling-Wei; Fok, Doris; Yap, Fabian; Chong, Yap-Seng; Meaney, Michael; Chen, Helen
2017Sleep and dietary patterns in pregnancy : findings from the GUSTO cohortTham, Elaine K. H.; Cai, Shirong; Yap, Fabian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Teoh, Oon Hoe; van Lee, Linde; Chia, Ai-Ru; Loy, See Ling; Colega, Marjorelee; Goh, Daniel; Tan, Kok Hian; Chong, Yap-Seng; Broekman, Birit F. P.; Chong, Mary F. F.
2019Socio-demographic and maternal predictors of adherence to 24-hour movement guidelines in Singaporean childrenChen, Bozhi; Bernard, Jonathan Y.; Padmapriya, Natarajan; Yao, Jiali; Goh, Claire; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Chong, Yap-Seng; Shek, Lynette; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Eriksson, Johan Gunnar; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk
1995A study of stochastic processes of asset pricingLim, Ngee Woon; Chua, Chi Boon; Tan, Kok Hian