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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Bond strength of 3D printed concretePanda, Biranchi; Tay, Daniel Yi Wei; Ting, Andrew Guan Heng; He, Lewei; Tan, Ming Jen
 2019Bonding temperature effects on the wide gap transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 718 using BNi-2 paste filler metalYan, Guangxu; Bhowmik, Ayan; Nagarajan, Balasubramanian; Song, Xu; Tan, Sung Chyn; Tan, Ming Jen
2020Comparative economic, environmental and productivity assessment of a concrete bathroom unit fabricated through 3D printing and a precast approachWeng, Yiwei; Li, Mingyang; Ruan, Shaoqin; Wong, Teck Neng; Tan, Ming Jen; Ow Yeong, Kah Leong; Qian, Shunzhi
 2022Comprehensive investigations on printability and thermal performance of cementitious material incorporated with PCM under various conditionsLiu, Zhixin; Li, Mingyang; Kandasamy, Ranjith; Ho, Jin Yao; Wong, Teck Neng; Li, Holden King Ho; Tan, Ming Jen
 2012Corrosion behavior and surface analysis of melt-Sspun Mg-based metallic glass in physiological saline solutionJarfors, Anders W. E.; Wang, Yongsheng; Tan, Ming Jen
 2012Corrosion performance of melt-spun Mg67Zn28Ca5 metallic glass in artificial sweatWang, Yongsheng; Tan, Ming Jen; Jarfors, Anders W. E.
2022Creating functionally graded concrete materials with varying 3D printing parametersTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Lim, Jian Hui; Li, Mingyang; Tan, Ming Jen
2018Design 3D printing cementitious materials via Fuller Thompson theory and Marson-Percy modelWeng, Yiwei; Li, Mingyang; Tan, Ming Jen; Qian, Shunzhi
2019Designing spray-based 3D printable cementitious materials with fly ash cenosphere and air entraining agentLu, Bing; Qian, Ye; Li, Mingyang; Weng, Yiwei; Leong, Kah Fai; Tan, Ming Jen; Qian, Shunzhi
2018Develop cementitious materials incorporating fly ash cenophere for spray-based 3D printingLu, Bing; Li, Mingyang; Leong, Kah Fai; Qian, Shunzhi; Tan, Ming Jen
2002Development of meshfree methods for piezoelectric composite laminatesLim, Hui Kiat.
1994Development of P/M processing for superplastic aluminium-lithium matrix compositesKoh, Lian Huat.
2001Development of RF capacitive microswitchWong, Chee How.
2016The Disruptive Evolution Of 3D PrintingPanda, Biranchi; Tan, Ming Jen; Gibson, Ian; Chua, Chee Kai
2016The Effect Of Laser Power And Scanning Speed On The Density Of Selective Laser Melting Fabricated AL-CNT CompositesDu, Zhenglin; Tan, Ming Jen; Guo, Jun Feng; Chua, Chee Kai; Lim, Jun Jie Dalton
2019The effect of material fresh properties and process parameters on buildability and interlayer adhesion of 3D printed concretePanda, Biranchi; Noor Mohamed, Nisar Ahamed; Paul, Suvash Chandra; Bhagath Singh, GVP; Tan, Ming Jen; Šavija, Branko
2016Effect of Nano-Particle Addition on Grain Structure Evolution of Friction Stir-Processed Al 6061 During Postweld AnnealingGuo, Junfeng; Lee, Bing Yang; Du, Zhenglin; Bi, Guijun; Tan, Ming Jen; Wei, Jun
2018The effect of nozzle shapes on the compactness and strength of structures printed by additive manufacturing of concreteLao, Wenxin; Tay, Daniel Yi Wei; Quirin, Didier; Tan, Ming Jen
2019Effect of printing parameters in 3D concrete printing : printing region and support structuresTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Li, Mingyang; Tan, Ming Jen
2018Effect of recycled glass gradation in 3D cementitious material printingAnnapareddy, Ashokreddy; Li, Mingyang; Tan, Ming Jen; Ting, Andrew Guan Heng; Tay, Daniel Yi Wei