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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Effect of annealing on microstructure evolution and mechanical property of cold forged magnesium pipesLu, Liwei; Liu, Tianmo; Tan, Ming-Jen; Chen, Jian; Wang, Zhongchang
2014Effect of cold-work on the Hall–Petch breakdown in copper based micro-componentsGhassemali, Ehsan; Tan, Ming-Jen; Wah, Chua Beng; Lim, S.C.V.; Jarfors, Anders E.W.
 2011Evaluation of roughness, hardness, and strength of AA 6061 molds for manufacturing polymeric microdevicesTran, Nhat Khoa; Lam, Yee Cheong; Yue, Chee Yoon; Tan, Ming-Jen
2014Friction effects during open-die micro-forging/extrusion processes : an upper bound approachGhassemali, Ehsan; Tan, Ming-Jen; Wah, Chua Beng; Lim, Samuel C.V.; Jarfors, Anders E.W.
2015Friction stir processing of Al-CNT compositesDu, Zhenglin; Tan, Ming-Jen; Guo, Jun-Feng; Wei, Jun
2013Grain size and workpiece dimension effects on material flow in an open-die micro-forging/extrusion processGhassemali, Ehsan; Tan, Ming-Jen; Wah, Chua Beng; Jarfors, Anders E.W.; Lim, S.C.V.
 2012Greener manufacturing : superplastic-like formingJarfors, Anders E. W.; Liu, Jun; Tan, Ming-Jen; Lim, Samuel Chao Voon; Fong, Kai-Soon; Castagne, Sylvie
 2012Improved tensile strength of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum composites processed by powder metallurgyLiao, Jinzhi; Tan, Ming-Jen
2014Microstructure evolution of Ti-6Al-4V during superplastic-like formingGuo, Mei-Ling; Liu, Jun; Tan, Ming-Jen; Chua, Beng-Wah
 2011Nanoindentation study of size effect and loading rate effect on mechanical properties of a thin film metallic glass Cu49.3Zr50.7Liew, K. M.; Pang, Jianjun; Tan, Ming-Jen; Shearwood, Christopher
 2012An optimized sheet metal forming process using non-isothermal heating systemTan, Ming-Jen; Castagne, Sylvie; Lim, Samuel Chao Voon; Liu, Jun
 2012Progressive microforming process : towards the mass production of micro-parts using sheet metalJarfors, Anders E. W.; Ghassemali, Ehsan; Tan, Ming-Jen; Lim, Samuel Chao Voon