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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Targeting metabolic flexibility via angiopoietin-like 4 protein sensitizes metastatic cancer cells to chemotherapy drugsLim, Maegan Miang Kee; Wee, Jonathan Wei Kiat; Soong, Jen Chi; Chua, Damien; Tan, Wei Ren; Lizwan, Marco; Li, Yinliang; Teo, Ziqiang; Goh, Wilson Wen Bin; Zhu, Pengcheng; Tan, Nguan Soon
2017Targeting nuclear receptors in cancer-associated fibroblasts as concurrent therapy to inhibit development of chemoresistant tumorsChan, Jeremy Soon Kiat; Sng, Ming Keat; Teo, Zi Qiang; Chong, Han Chung; Twang, Jing Shun; Tan, Nguan Soon
2015Targeting vascular leakage in lung inflammationLi, Liang; Chow, Vincent T.K.; Tan, Nguan Soon
2016Transcriptional control of physiological and pathological processes by the nuclear receptor PPARβ/δTan, Nguan Soon; Vázquez-Carrera, Manuel; Montagner, Alexandra; Sng, Ming Keat; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2017Validation of serum progesterone <35nmol/L as a predictor of miscarriage among women with threatened miscarriageLek, Sze Min; Ku, Chee Wai; Allen Jr, John C.; Malhotra, Rahul; Tan, Nguan Soon; Østbye, Truls; Tan, Thiam Chye