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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Exploiting semantic information for HPSG parse selectionFujita, Sanae; Bond, Francis; Oepen, Stephan; Tanaka, Takaaki
2005Extracting representative arguments from dictionaries for resolving zero pronounsNichols, Eric; Bond, Francis; Tanaka, Takaaki; Nakaiwa, Hiromi; Nariyama, Shigeko
2005High precision treebanking - blazing useful trees using POS informationTanaka, Takaaki; Bond, Francis; Oepen, Stephan; Fujita, Sanae
2006The Hinoki sensebank : a large-scale word sense tagged corpus of JapaneseTanaka, Takaaki; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae
2004The Hinoki treebank : a treebank for text understandingOhtani, Akira; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Hashimoto, Chikara; Kasahara, Kaname; Nariyama, Shigeko; Nichols, Eric; Tanaka, Takaaki; Amano, Shigeaki
2006An implemented description of Japanese : the Lexeed dictionary and the Hinoki treebankFujita, Sanae; Tanaka, Takaaki; Bond, Francis; Nakaiwa, Hiromi
2005Integration of a lexical type database with a linguistically interpreted corpusHashimoto, Chikara; Bond, Francis; Tanaka, Takaaki; Siegel, Melanie
2008MRD-based word sense disambiguation : further extending leskBaldwin, Timothy; Su, Nam Kim; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2006Multilingual ontology acquisition from multiple MRDsNichols, Eric; Flickinger, Dan; Bond, Francis; Tanaka, Takaaki; Fujita, Sanae
2010A reexamination of MRD-based word sense disambiguationBaldwin, Timothy; Kim, Su Nam; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2007Word sense disambiguation incorporating lexical and structural semantic informationTanaka, Takaaki; Bond, Francis; Baldwin, Timothy; Fujita, Sanae; Hashimoto, Chikara