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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Image-similarity-based convolutional neural network for robot visual relocalizationWang, Li; Li, Ruifeng; Sun, Jingwen; Seah, Hock Soon; Quah, Chee Kwang; Zhao, Lijun; Tandianus, Budianto
2020Integrated and scalable augmented reality multiplayer robotic platformTandianus, Budianto; Seah, Hock Soon; Wang, Li; Quah, Chee Kwang
2019Multi-channel convolutional neural network based 3D object detection for indoor robot environmental perceptionWang, Li; Li, Ruifeng; Shi, Hezi; Sun, Jingwen; Zhao, Lijun; Tandianus, Budianto; Seah, Hock Soon; Quah, Chee Kwang
2019Multi-view fusion-based 3D object detection for robot indoor scene perceptionWang, Li; Li, Ruifeng; Sun, Jingwen; Liu, Xingxing; Zhao, Lijun; Seah, Hock Soon; Quah, Chee Kwang; Tandianus, Budianto
 2011Real-time rendering of approximate caustics under environment illuminationTandianus, Budianto; Johan, Henry; Seah, Hock Soon
2014Spectral caustic rendering of a homogeneous caustic object based on wavelength clustering and eye sensitivitySeah, Hock Soon; Lin, Feng; Tandianus, Budianto; Johan, Henry