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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Lock-on of vortex shedding to a pair of synthetic jets with phase differenceWang, Chenglei; Tang, Hui; Yu, Simon C. M.; Duan, Fei
2014Nonlinear automatic landing control of unmanned aerial vehicles on moving platforms via a 3D laser radarHervas, Jaime Rubio; Reyhanoglu, Mahmut; Tang, Hui
 2018On a submerged wave energy converter with snap-through power take-offWang, Lixian; Tang, Hui; Wu, Yanhua
2015On the motion of a falling circular cylinder in flows after water entryNew, Daniel Tze How; Lyu, Xujian; Wei, Zhaoyu; Tang, Hui; Li, Hua
2017Proper-orthogonal-decomposition study of turbulent near wake of S805 airfoil in deep stallWu, Yanhua; Tang, Zhanqi; Yang, Shaoqiong; Skote, Martin; Tang, Hui; Zhang, Ge; Shan, Yong
2017Surf beat-induced overwash during Typhoon Haiyan deposited two distinct sediment assemblages on the carbonate coast of Hernani, Samar, central PhilippinesSoria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Pilarczyk, Jessica E.; Tang, Hui; Weiss, Robert; Siringan, Fernando; Manglicmot, Michelle; Gallentes, Adonis; Lau, A. Y. Annie; Cheong, Amanda Yee Lin; Koh, Tracy Wei Ling
2015Vortex dynamics of in-line twin synthetic jets in a laminar boundary layerWen, Xin; Tang, Hui; Duan, Fei