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2018Bio-inspired modification of silicon carbide foams for oil/water separation and rapid power-free absorption towards highly viscous oilsLuo, Lulei; Chen, Xuelong; Wang, Yue; Yue, Jianling; Du, Zuojuan; Huang, Xiaozhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi
 2019A comparison of thermoplastic polyurethane incorporated with graphene oxide and thermally reduced graphene oxide: Reduction is not always necessaryWang, Yue; Chen, Xuelong; Zhu, Wenyu; Huang, Xiaozhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi; Yang, Jinglei
 2014Enhanced interphase between epoxy matrix and carbon fiber with carbon nanotube-modified silane coatingYu, Bin; Jiang, Zhenyu; Tang, Xiu-Zhi; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
 2015Improved chemical stability of silver by selective distribution of silver particles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheetsTang, Xiu-Zhi; Chen, Xuelong; Wu, Gang; Hu, Xiao; Yang, Jinglei
2016Single-Step Process toward Achieving Superhydrophobic Reduced Graphene OxideLi, Zhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi; Zhu, Wenyu; Thompson, Brianna C.; Huang, Mingyue; Yang, Jinglei; Hu, Xiao; Khor, Khiam Aik
2019Stretched graphene nanosheets formed the “obstacle walls” in melamine sponge towards effective electromagnetic interference shielding applicationsGuo, Tong; Chen, Xuelong; Su, Lin; Li, Changgeng; Huang, Xiaozhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi
 2013Synthesis of graphene decorated with silver nanoparticles by simultaneous reduction of graphene oxide and silver ions with glucoseTang, Xiu-Zhi; Li, Xiaofeng; Cao, Zongwei; Yang, Jinglei; Wang, Huan; Pu, Xue; Yu, Zhong-Zhen
 2014A versatile approach towards multifunctional robust microcapsules with tunable, restorable, and solvent-proof superhydrophobicity for self-healing and self-cleaning coatingsWu, Gang; An, Jinliang; Tang, Xiu-Zhi; Xiang, Yong; Yang, Jinglei