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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Facile synthesis of porous Pd3Pt half‐shells with rich "active sites" as efficient catalysts for formic acid oxidationYan, Xiaoxiao; Hu, Xuejiao; Fu, Gengtao; Xu, Lin; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2019Hybrid-cyanogels induced sandwich-like N,P-carbon/SnNi₁₀P₃ for excellent lithium storageLi, Tongfei; Zhang, Hao; Tang, Yidan; Li, Xin; Liu, Kunhao; Zhang, Yiwei; Fu, Gengtao; Wu, Ping; Tang, Yawen
 2019Hydrogel-derived honeycomb Ni₃S₄/N,P-C as an efficient oxygen evolution catalystHu, Xuejiao; Li, Tiancheng; Tang, Yidan; Wang, Yirong; Wang, Ao; Fu, Gengtao; Li, Xiaodong; Tang, Yawen
2018MoS0.5Se1.5 embedded in 2D porous carbon sheets boost lithium storage performance as an anode materialLi, Tongfei; Wang, Ao; Li, Xin; Wang, Jingchun; Zhang, Jie; Fu, Gengtao; Xu, Lin; Sun, Dongmei; Tang, Yawen
 2019A novel strategy for the synthesis of hollow Pt–Cu tetradecahedrons as an efficient electrocatalyst toward methanol oxidationZhao, Ruopeng; Fu, Gengtao; Chen, Zhijing; Tang, Yawen; Wang, Yi; Huang, Shaoming
 2019Porous PdRh nanobowls : facile synthesis and activity for alkaline ethanol oxidationLi, Zhijuan; Chen, Yifan; Fu, Gengtao; Chen, Yang; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2019Pt-like oxygen reduction activity induced by cost-effective MnFeO₂/N-carbonZhou, Qixing; Su, Zhangbin; Tang, Yidan; Ai, Li; Fu, Gengtao; Wu, Zexing; Sun, Dongmei; Tang, Yawen
 2018Recent advances in carbon‐based bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for Zn − air batteriesFu, Gengtao; Tang, Yawen; Lee, Jong-Min
2018Robust bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst with a “rigid and flexible” structure for air-cathodesFu, Gengtao; Jiang, Xian; Chen, Yifan; Xu, Lin; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2018Robust N-doped carbon aerogels strongly coupled with iron – cobalt particles as efficient bifunctional catalysts for rechargeable Zn – air batteriesFu, Gengtao; Liu, Yu; Chen, Yifan; Tang, Yawen; Goodenough, John B.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2019Three-dimensional graphene-supported Ni₃Fe/Co₉S₈ composites : rational design and active for oxygen reversible electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Huang, Tan; Tang, Yawen; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min
 2019Treelike two-level PdₓAgᵧ nanocrystals tailored for bifunctional fuel cell electrocatalysisJiang, Xian; Xiong, Yuexin; Wang, Yufei; Wang, Jiaxin; Li, Naixu; Zhou, Jiancheng; Fu, Gengtao; Sun, Dongmei; Tang, Yawen
2018Triangular AgAu@Pt core–shell nanoframes with a dendritic Pt shell and enhanced electrocatalytic performance toward the methanol oxidation reactionYan, Xiaoxiao; Yu, Sijia; Tang, Yawen; Sun, Dongmei; Xu, Lin; Xue, Can