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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Power decoupling control for capacitance reduction in cascaded-H-bridge-converter-based regenerative motor drive systemsYang, Zezhou; Sun, Jianjun; Zha, Xiaoming; Tang, Yi
2020Practical submodule capacitor sizing for modular multilevel converter considering grid faultsYin, Zhijian; Qiu, Huan; Yang, Yongheng; Tang, Yi; Wang, Huai
2018Pulse density modulated ZVS full-bridge converters for wireless power transfer systemsLi, Hongchang; Wang, Kangping; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi
2017Pulse density modulation for maximum efficiency point tracking of wireless power transfer systemsLi, Hongchang; Fang, Jingyang; Chen, Shuxin; Wang, Kangping; Tang, Yi
2018Robust design of LCL filters for single-current-loop-controlled grid-connected power converters with unit PCC voltage feedforwardLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Wu, Xiaojie
2017Seamless fault-tolerant operation of a modular multilevel converter with switch open-circuit fault diagnosis in a distributed control architectureYang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
 2021Small-signal modeling for phase-shift controlled resonant convertersLi, Xin; Zhang, Yiming; Chen, Shuxin; Tang, Yi; Zhang, Xin
2019Small-signal modeling, stability analysis, and controller design of grid-friendly power converters with virtual inertia and grid-forming capabilityDeng, Han; Fang, Jingyang; Yu, Jiale; Tang, Yi; Debusschere, Vincent
2017Stability improvement for three-phase grid-connected converters through impedance reshaping in quadrature-axisFang, Jingyang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Li, Hongchang; Tang, Yi
2019A transformless electric spring with decoupled real and reactive power controlQi, Yang; Yang, Tianbo; Tang, Yi; Potti, Krishna Raj Ramachandran; Rajashekara, Kaushik
 2019Utilizing the dead-time effect to achieve decentralized reactive power sharing in islanded AC microgridsQi, Yang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi
2018A Voltage-Based Open-Circuit Fault Detection and Isolation Approach for Modular Multilevel Converters with Model Predictive ControlZhou, Dehong; Yang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi
 2013When the role fits : how firm status differentials affect corporate takeoversShen, Rui; Tang, Yi; Chen, Guoli