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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Process development for moving mechanical assembliesTay, Beng Kang
2003Properties of amorphous Si-carbon alloy film deposited by FCVA techniqueTan, Wee Ming
 2011Property study of aluminium oxide thin films by thermal annealingZhao, Zhiwei; Tay, Beng Kang
 2012Re-ordering chaotic carbon : origins and application of textured carbonLoh, G. C.; Xu, N.; Chow, W. L.; Tan, C. W.; Lu, C.; Tsang, Siu Hon; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Tay, Beng Kang; Shakerzadeh, Maziar; Yap, Ray Chin Chong; Tan, Dunlin
2014Solid source growth of Si oxide nanowires promoted by carbon nanotubesLu, Congxiang; Liu, Wen-wen; Tan, Chong Wei; Tay, Beng Kang; Coquet, Philippe; Wang, Xingli; Li, Xiaocheng
 2018Spectroscopic nanoimaging of all-semiconductor plasmonic gratings using photoinduced force and scattering type nanoscopyHuang, Yi; Legrand, David; Vincent, Rémi; Foli, Ekoué Athos Dogbe; Nowak, Derek; Lerondel, Gilles; Bachelot, Renaud; Taliercio, Thierry; Barho, Franziska; Cerutti, Laurent; Gonzalez-Posada, Fernando; Tay, Beng Kang; Bruyant, Aurelien
2001Studies on diamond and diamond-like carbon filmsTan, Hong Siang; Tay, Beng Kang; Shi, Xu
 2013Study of bone morphogenetic protein-2 delivery with different TiO2 nanotube structuresTay, Beng Kang; Liang, Kun; Li, Xiao Cheng
2005Study of catalyst layers for carbon nanotubes growthChandrasekaran Amuthavijayan
1999Study of filtered cathodic vacuum arc technology and properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon filmsTay, Beng Kang
 2011Study of nanocluster-assembled ZnO thin films by nanocluster-beam depositionZhao, Zhiwei; Lei, Wei; Zhang, Xiaobing; Tay, Beng Kang
 2009Superhydrophobic carbon nanotube/amorphous carbon nanosphere hybrid filmShakerzadeh, Maziar; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Tan, Chong Wei; Tay, Beng Kang
 2022Surface disinfection with silver loaded pencil graphite prepared with green UV photoreduction techniqueGoh, Simon Chun Kiat; Wu, Wenshuai; Siah, Chun Fei; Phee, Derek Keng Yang; Liu, Aiqun; Tay, Beng Kang
2022Ternary logics based on 2D ferroelectric-incorporated 2D semiconductor field effect transistorsZhao, Guangchao; Wang, Xingli; Yip, Weng Hou; Vinh Huy, Nguyen To; Coquet, Philippe; Huang, Mingqiang; Tay, Beng Kang
 2018Thermal conductivity characterization of three dimensional carbon nanotube network using freestanding sensor-based 3ω techniqueKong, Qinyu; Qiu, Lin; Lim, Yu Dian; Tan, Chong Wei; Liang, Kun; Lu, Congxiang; Tay, Beng Kang
2019Thermal conductivity enhancement of carbon@ carbon nanotube arrays and bonded carbon nanotube networkSamani, Majid Kabiri; Lu, Congxiang; Kong, Qinyu; Khosravian, Narjes; Chen, George; Tan, Chong Wei; Rudquist, Per; Tay, Beng Kang; Liu, Johan
 2012Thermal conductivity of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubesKhosravian, Narjes; Shakerzadeh, Maziar; Baillargeat, Dominique; Tay, Beng Kang; Samani, M. K.; Chen, G. C. K.
 2011Thermal conductivity of nanocrystalline carbon films studied by pulsed photothermal reflectanceShakerzadeh, Maziar; Samani, M. K.; Khosravian, Narjes; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Bosman, Michel; Tay, Beng Kang
 2013Thermal conductivity of titanium aluminum silicon nitride coatings deposited by lateral rotating cathode arcDing, X. Z.; Cheong, J. Y.; Samani, M. K.; Amini, Shahrouz; Khosravian, Narjes; Tay, Beng Kang; Chen, Gang
2012Thermal rectification reversal in carbon nanotubesLoh, G. C.; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Tay, Beng Kang