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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Understanding the role of nanostructures for efficient hydrogen generation on immobilized photocatalystsJiang, Zhelong; Tang, Yuxin; Tay, Qiuling; Zhang, Yanyan; Malyi, Oleksandr I.; Wang, Danping; Deng, Jiyang; Lai, Yuekun; Zhou, Huanfu; Chen, Xiaodong; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong
 2012Visible-light plasmonic photocatalyst anchored on titanate nanotubes : a novel nanohybrid with synergistic effects of adsorption and degradationTang, Yuxin; Jiang, Zhelong; Tay, Qiuling; Deng, Jiyang; Lai, Yuekun; Gong, Dangguo; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong