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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019A Hilbert space theory of generalized graph signal processingJi, Feng; Tay, Wee Peng
2013Identifying infection sources and regions in large networksLuo, Wuqiong; Tay, Wee Peng; Leng, Mei
 2012Identifying infection sources in large tree networksLuo, Wuqiong; Tay, Wee Peng
2020Identifying misinformation and their sources in social networksTang, Wenchang
 2012Identifying multiple infection sources in a networkLuo, Wuqiong; Tay, Wee Peng
2013An impulse radio ultrawideband system for contactless noninvasive respiratory monitoringNijsure, Yogesh; Gunawan, Erry; Yang, Zhang; Guan, Yong Liang; Chua, Ai Ping; Wen, Fuxi; Tay, Wee Peng
2016Infection Spreading and Source Identification: A Hide and Seek GameLuo, Wuqiong; Tay, Wee Peng; Leng, Mei
2021Instance segmentation for roadside objects using a simulation environmentWang, Sijie
2014An integer linear programming approach for a class of bilinear integer programsHu, Wuhua; Tay, Wee Peng
2013Interference alignment in a poisson field of MIMO femtocellsNguyen, Tri Minh; Jeong, Youngmin; Quek, Tony Q. S.; Tay, Wee Peng; Shin, Hyundong
2019Iterative expectation maximization for reliable social sensing with information flowsMa, Lijia; Tay, Wee Peng; Xiao, Gaoxi
2019LaIF : a lane-level self-positioning scheme for vehicles in GNSS-denied environmentsRabiee, Ramtin; Zhong, Xionghu; Yan, Yongsheng; Tay, Wee Peng
2021Learning on heterogeneous graphs using high-order relationsLee, See Hian; Ji, Feng; Tay, Wee Peng
2016Learning Temporal–Spatial Spectrum ReuseZhang, Yi; Tay, Wee Peng; Li, Kwok Hung; Esseghir, Moez; Gaiti, Dominique
2012Localization for mixed near-field and far-field sources using data supported optimizationWen, Fuxi; Tay, Wee Peng
2013Localization using ambient sound sources on Android platformTan, Tian Bee.
2020Machine learning based privacy mechanismsLim, Royce Jin Feng
2014Modified CRLB for cooperative geolocation of two devices using signals of opportunitySee, Samson Chong Meng; Razul, Sirajudeen Gulam; Win, Moe Z.; Leng, Mei; Tay, Wee Peng
2015Multi-hop diffusion LMS for energy-constrained distributed estimationHu, Wuhua; Tay, Wee Peng
2017A multitask diffusion strategy with optimized inter-cluster cooperationWang, Yuan; Tay, Wee Peng; Hu, Wuhua